Change Of Plans

Leon had left the meeting and as if reading his mind, his cell went off. He knew who it was before answering.

Leon smiled, "Bonjour, Colette. How is Seattle?" Speaking in a combination of Cherokee and French that was only between them.

Colette returned the same language, "Bonjour. It's interesting."

"Interesting?" That didn't sound good.

"There is something going on here. I don't know exactly what but everyone is on edge." Colette explained.

"We're Nos. I suppose there is no getting away from something going on." Leon then asked. "Do you need to come home?"

"I can stay out of it," Colette commented.

Leon knew she was lying, he knew his childe couldn't stay out of it if she tried. That addiction to secrets was likely to get her into more trouble than even he could get her out of one day.

"Come home." It was not a request.

"But you said …"

"I know what I said, I was mistaken. I can keep an eye on you if you're here." Leon's voice softened. "Besides, I've missed my right hand."

Colette sighed but her voice softened as well, "I miss you, too. I'll get the first flight home."

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