The Call

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Alex's phone vibrated he answered it "Mr. Williams," said the Prince. Alex knew who it was but did not want Aurora to know he knew where she was. A crafty smile came to his face. Lia just looked down at her Ipad shaking her head.

" Hi, It's Aurora im at the umm... I can't think if the name of the place where all the vampires meet... Like from all the clans. Something weird just happened. " She said totally blanking on the name.

"Oh, really and you did not take a driver with you?" Alex knew the answer Alex just wanted to see what Aurora would say.

They were near the Gomarrah. Lia looked at the driver "around the back please VIP entrance." she instructed. Lia called the Gomarrah to let them know the prince was near and on his way there.

"No I did not, I thought the walk would be good for me, "She said.

The door at the back of Gomorrah, made a sound that was a cross between a buzz and a ring as the door unlocked allowing Lia in. All the bigger players have access to the 'secret' entrance, but it wasn't often anyone but the Nos who used it. Seeing Lia enter Jackson gave a courteous wave to them. But when Helena saw Lia come in the back she rushed over. "Is something the matter?" She asked. "Not more trouble I hope," she commented. "The problem with poor Angel is almost too much right now in itself."

Aurora could hear open a car door open and close in the background "we are here," said Mr. Williams. on the phone.

Lia smiled "no problem just Mr. Williams Picking up the tra..... Well, his child." she said politely.

Mr. Williams smiled as he walked by "Thank you for taking care of Aurora for me. Now I must take her home. He said with a grin.

Helena nodded, "Right this way." she said, "I'm sure she'll be easy enough to find." Helena added. "Will you be needing anything else besides Ms. Aurora?"

Mr. Williams looked at Helena "no but thank you." Mr. Williams answered politely.
Mr. Williams walked up to the table seeing Lilly and Aurora. "Ms. Foster good evening," said Mr. Williams with a head nod Returning Ms. Foster's slight bow as she stepped to the side. Mr. Williams turned to Aurora " Time to go I hope you behaved yourself and did not make too much trouble for the people here?" asked Mr. Williams to Aurora.

Aurora looked up at Alex. Thankful for his arrival. "Good by Miss lily" She turned her attention back to Alex.

"I tried not to Quinn, oh I mean Primogen Quinn got a kick out of me sneaking out. Also, you go here Quick were you alertly in the area?" She asked resisting the urge to leap up and Hug Alex. She instead got up slowly and moved to follow him.

Alex said nothing at first "I was passing by when a birdy told me you were here." explained Alex. He put his arm around her shoulder guiding her to the way out. "We can talk about this later it is going to get dangerous out here for someone new. The car is this way," said Alex.

Lia lead the way back out Opening any door that needed it. Lia stepped out of the building stopping then she took a few steps to the car the driver who was holding the back door open. Another look to be a bodyguard on the other side looking around.

Alex stopped then looked and got into the back of the car with Aurora. fallowed by Lia.

"Yeah, there was like a mass Text message sent out. A bunch of people's adjtude changed. Do you know why? "Aurora asked as they got into the car. Once in the car she curled up against Alex and started at Lia as if daring her to say sumthing.

Alex put his arm around Aurora and pulled her in tighter. He kissed her on the head. "Somethings are going to be happening in the city. There is a killer on the loose one breaking our laws. So let's just say I have ordered to have it hunted down and killed. Now, I have asked some others to help us do this. they are not are friends but this mutual between us to get the killer. The killer is a threat to everyone so we have a truce until the killer is caught." explained Alex.

Lia glared some back at Aurora. Then Alex shot her a look. Lia sighed. "Aurora, it will be way too dangerous for you to go out right now alone. You could put Mr. Williams, you, and others in grave danger. I know you want freedom I know I wanted it at your age." Lia Paused thinking about how that sounded her physical age was about the same. "My Sier did not even let me out. You are so lucky to have Mr. Williams as your Sire," said Lia warning Aurora of the danger.

Aurora smiled looked up and kissed Alex for real." we are dating now if you want a kiss all you need to do is ask" She whispered as she pulled away.

"I see how long has this person been a problem. Is that why you have been so stressed" She asked the concerned clear.

" Well she is not my Sier and neither are you," Aurora said pointedly. She took a deep breath and a second to compose her thoughts better. "Alexander it's been two days and I know nothing about being a vampire and reading about it is not doing me any good I need hands on learning." She said then turned her attention back to Lia. "Lia I am not you I'm also use to a much faster pace life if you bothered to do any research you would know what you're dealing with. I can dance on a razer's edge I'm not afraid and I can not stand being locked up with nothing to do but read I start climbing the walls after like 30 minutes so Alexander ether has an ice rink put into your hotel or find me something to do before I rip my hair out of my head and start bouncing off the walls" She said giving a very clear warning.

Alex deminer changed Alex got a serious look on his face. " Listen to me, It will be dangerous in the city for a few nights. Lia is just warning you what could happen if you disobey. Surprising that she is trying to help you. You two may never be the best of friends but Aurora you will listen to her and follow her instructions. Because they come from me as well." then he looked at Lia "Lia can you be nice?" asked Alex.

Lia smiled a delvlish grin. "I am always nice," she said a little sarcastic.

"Lia" warned Alex.

Lia smiled "really Aurora I will do everything I can to protect you. But you have to work with me a little." Lia says in a more serious tone.

Aurora glared up at him. " Alexander did you not hear me? I understand the danger right now and I can understand the need to be careful but I can't stand not having something to do. Alex, please I know you and Lia are busy and that is why any lessons on vampire stuff are inconsistent. But I still need sumthing to do. Alex, I can live a slow pace life it's making me crazy" She said. Practically baking him to give her sumthing anything to do.

She looked at Lia. "It's not that I don't want to I'm just so bored. Lia, I'm used to spending 6 hours or more in a day practicing my craft and then performing. I am used to a fast pace life and with you and Alex running off and me having nothing but reading to fill my time is hard. Everyone at the hotel is busy with their own tasks it's not fair to them for me to ask them to take me somewhere if I'm perfectly capable of going on my own." She said.

Alexander looked over to Lia they look at one other for a few seconds. Alexander looked out the window of the car and was silent. Alexander looked back at Aurora. "I will find you something to do work for my office. Also, get you out of the office at times. Not having Protection just is not an option for you. That's all I will say about that. Everyone will be happy to go out with you and protect you. Don't you think they want to get out to?" he said with a playful smile.

Aurora tilted her head back to look up at Alex. She smiled and shook her head. " thank you. Also like I pointed out your staff does have their jobs to do. They don't have time to babysit me not to mention the fact that I'm an adult and have no real need for a babysitter" she said. The bodyguard thing was clearly not something she was a fan of.

"Aurora, some of them it is their job to guard you. You make them look bad when you don't let them do their jobs. Do you want them to lose their jobs? I will have a surprise for you if you behave tomorrow." says Alexander.

Lia shot him a disproving look. "she is not a child, well not a kid." said Lia "but I agree." She said looking down at her Ipad.

" umm... I have no clue who's Job it is to do what. So care giving me a rundown on that" She asked.

Alexander smiled "the hardest job of course Management, maybe the broom closet" Then laughs.

Lia gave Alexander a dirty look. "you tell me to beave and me nice? Sir really?" said Lia with a smile.

"I am joking, I will look into a project for you next evening. This night is winding down," said Alexander.

" can I spend the night with you again please," She asked?

Lia rolls her eyes "Oh how fun, a sleepover." Making Aurora's request sound childish.

Alexander smiled "anytime you want," he replied kissing her.

Aurora glared at her. Without intending to she activates her dominant skill. " You can stop now," She said coldly.

At Alex's words and kiss, she settles down and kisses him back taking the chance to run a hand throw his hair and mess it up. " I like your hair messy," She says.

Lia cocks an eyebrow then laughs. "You need to work on that, Young one. But your Vampiric powers are manifesting is a good thing. But you have a long way to go before you try that again." said Lia comely. Lia really wanted to show her real strength but that could be a challenge to Alexander as her Sire.

"Ah... cute Aurora. Like the initiative but try to pick a fight you can win. There is a reason that Lia is also my bodyguard. You have no reason to do that. Just tell her what you think or feel." Alexander kissed Aurora don't worry you can come to my room any time." Alexander paused looking at Lia and then Aurora. "Know that if you do that to other vampires they can understand that as a challenge. Especially if they are of higher rank or older they might even try to kill you, remember Lia is both. Not that she would even try to kill you. But she would teach you a lesson you will never forget." warned Alexander. "sometimes in a challenge, due whatever you want to call it. I might not even be able to get involved you will be on your own." said Alexander.

Aurora blinked" Ummm... What? I didn't do anything" She said confused.

" Good I'm sleeping with you tonight I don't know if you slept better but I sure did," She said happily.

Alexander chuckled. "You will learn soon enough. Just try to make peace with Lia she is an excellent teacher. Can you do it for me?" He asked Aurora.

"I think I will too," replied Alexander.

Aurora stared at him " I still don't know what I did? Also, she started this one." She said

"Don't worry about it let's just get back to The Lion's den," said Alex.

" ok," she said and curled up against Alex. She closed her eyes and relaxed. Within minutes, she was asleep. It was not a deep sleep she could easily be woken at any moment. But it showed just how much she trusted Alex.

Alex got a smile on his face. and just embraced her sitting next to Aurora.

Lia grunted quietly. "Sir, I don't hate her" commented Lia. "But She can frustrate me. You give her too much leeway. You are right we will do what we can for her and I will train her to be the best." said Lis almost at a whisper. "I just hope she lives long enough to get there," Lia said looking at the Lion's Den building coming into view.

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