Filling In

Mira smiled and said, “I have not figured it out yet. As you Americans say, I am still trying to learn who the players are.”
The truth was Mira trying to figure out the dynamics. She was more accustom to the stab you in the back or the push you into the sunlight politics of the old world.

She watched the couple dancing, gracefully and erotica as jazz tends to be.

“I am going to be opening a Salon and Boutique,” she said as she sipped more blood

Quinn nodded, "Well, those two on the dance floor. Primogen Andele and her, actually, I'm not sure what he is to her but his name is Jack. Toredors. Both arrived not too long ago. I haven't figured them out exactly." She pointed out Eddie next, "Eddie leader of the Gangrel. They and the Toredors took a pretty big hit with what occurred. Which I assume you know about it?" Said as more of a question as it was no secret what had occurred among The Camarilla no matter where they were from.

Quinn then pointed out the two Nosfartu, "Leon is the Primogen for the Nosfartu. He is also one of the oldest vampires left in the city.. Colette is his second. Like typical of the Nosfartu they are the information brokers. They are decent and fair in business. Just treat them with some respect and they'll return it."

On to the next ones, which Quinn also pointed out," Angelica and Giorgio, Giovanni. Mario is their Primogen. He though is rarely ever seen out if his house. They run the riverboats casinos and a few other businesses. Angelica is his second but Giorgio is an easier person to get to know. He runs one of the riverboat casinos, The Chore di Venezia, There are only four Giovanni in New Orleans. The other one, is Giuseppe, who is their bodyguard muscle is a better.

I assume you presented yourself to the Prince or you probably wouldn't still be sitting here. So, you've also met Lia." Quinn took a pause and pointed out the hostess. "Then of course there's Lilly. She doesn't have an official position but she is, sort of , the spy among the humans. She has an in with influential members of human society. They all believe she's human. She can also tell you what anything is worth."

"I know the set up here must seem odd but I think everyone is too concerned with building their clans and the area to have much backstabbing and the like but we do have certain vampires who don't get along. Lilly and Colette, for example." Quinn paused. "There are a few places you should know about the club Gomorrah is neutral ground. The owner is a Toredor, Helena Ward. You'll want to meet her and Jackson who is a bartender there. There's the Lion's Den, which the Prince owns, a little more upscale but I don't think anyone would dare cause a problem in there.". She figured that was more than enough for the moment.

"Your business sounds interesting. I run the blood trade in the area, so, let me know if you need anything. I can get any kind; even special requests." There wasn't much need for negotiation, she was the only blood trader in the area.

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