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Summary: Kiss the blade.

Voah Sahnsuur

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Characters

Physical Appearance

Voah is a tall woman, lean, elegant and athletic, with a dancer’s body. She had striking ocean eyes and wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair. Her left wrist is tattooed with a holy symbol representing the five main Pillars.

She is often dressed in lightweight garments, tight breeches, fighting-wrap boots and wrist guards.

Personality and interests

Voah used to look each day for guidance and divine omens from the world around her. She was intolerant of other faiths and condemned the worship of other Gods besides the Pillars. She used to trust her faith implicitly and was a harsh judge to others as well as herself.

Her heart has changed regarding the overarching tenet of her Gods and she’s still learning how to proceed after encountering the God of War.

Other than her religion, Voah seeks out the beauty in both nature and civilization, drawing, writing poems, pressing samples or noting in a journal, singing, and dancing.


Combat Training:
- Mizaro-Vaux martial arts
- athletics
- swords
- chain weapon, swinging bludgeon
- light throwing weapons
- hunting bow

- history
- medicine
- nature

- calligraphy
- drawing
- painting
- tailoring/clothing design

- singing
- dancing
- acting/disfuise

- blessings
- ceremonies
- prayers
- judgements, Prayers, Rituals
- divine mysticism


Born to a nomadic pilgrim/missionary and a wandering entertainer, Voah lived a modest lifestyle moving from inn to camp to temple around in a circuit of the shrine-cities of Mizar. Her parents belonged to a traveling group known as The Grand Revelry. Other children saw her as being different or strange, and so she had few companions.

When she was 9 years old, her mother was killed by witchcraft, enemies of the faith. Voah’s father tried to care for her for many years after, before drinking himself into poverty but she never gave up on him. Eventually, they both moved to one of the main shrine-cities where he became a scribe and musician.

Voah became an acolyte with strong religious convictions. Entering the service of the gods and becoming a Paladin/Monk were natural consequences of her unwavering faith. In taking vows, she became a holy sword of the faith for the 5 Pillars of Mizar and the Noctua Inquisition office.

Her father lived out the rest of his life at the shrine until disease took him.

Reason for being in Arcadia

With no one left for her in Mizar, Voah intended to destroy any magik she came across and study the lands and people of Arcadia across the sea. For half a year she dealt out punishment and justice to dangerous natives and heretical colonists while a series of companions gave her a change of heart.

Now she defected from the Inquisition and was on the run as a renegade/maverick/apostate. She is romantically entangled with Gonyaul and wishes to become a Vaux. Now the Moon Goddess has pointed her to Sir Zane for protection in the oncoming war.


Seed necklace (gift from Gonyaul)
Small ornate Mizaran box containing:
- Monocle (her father’s, gilded frame and crack lens)
- Vial clove oil perfume.
Holy Sword of Vastad
Snake Torq (a gift from Daaul)

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Image of Voah Sahnsuur
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