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Alexis Greyriver

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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Characters

Physical Appearance

Relatively tall, athletic build
Black hair usually tied up in a tight bun
Brown eyes

Equipped with leather armor, clearly as well-used as it is well-cared for
Longbow as well longsword and leather shield

Personality and interests

Alexis is stoic, disciplined and pragmatic, and prefers to focus on getting things done.
She tries to retain a certain degree of honor although there is also a sense of disillusionment that she just might not to be able to keep that up.

To comrades in arms she shows a though love kind of care and strong loyalty.

Being a bit on the taciturn side in general she is even more so with people who are less than martial inclined, dealing with them on usually neutral terms as much as necessary, but not more.

She perpetually works on bettering her abilities, always seeing room for improvement.

She likes to keep herself informed on recent events and important factions around her.

During her time off she can often be found training, maintaining her equipment or wood shipping.

Other than that she enjoys an evening in the tavern as much as the next merc, though her discipline forbids her to get smashed.


Scouting / Tracking
Basic medicine
Maintenance (equipment)


Alexis is the daughter of a mercenary and a carpenter, and was left for the first half of her life with her mother while her father was away with his band.

Unfortunately Alexis mother fell victim to illness when she was thirteen.
She was a sturdy enough child, so her father opted to train her and take her into the band.

At that time, the band took pride in maintaining certain standards when choosing their employments, such as refusing to target civilians and abstain from marauding. They would background check potential employers, taking their motivation into consideration.

Over time however, those upholding that code would die out, often quite literally by fatal wounds like Alexis’ father.

The ‘new’ generation has gradually come to the conclusion that keeping up that code is keeping money from coming in.

Reason for being in Arcadia

Alexis has observed the moral of her band decline for a while now.
A part of her agrees that, yes well, that is just how the world goes.

But that part of her deeply engraved by her fathers upbringing just can’t quite let go of that sense of honor he took so much pride in.

Not being able to bear witness to the fall from grace of what has been her father’s life, she has resigned and is now looking for a new purpose.

Given that she doesn’t fancy herself a carpenter like her mother, the demand for swords in Arcadia offers at least a living - and eventual death - far away from the corroding mess her band has become.


A very old dagger, the very first weapon her father gave her and trained her in.

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Image of Alexis Greyriver
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