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Summary: I will find it, kill it, or simply point you in the right direction... Given you can pay.

Tarmen Frespit

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Characters

Physical Appearance

6'1 with a lean build
Has various scars and burns from his experiences
Has a constant sternness to his face, though it softens when drinking or resting.
Facial hair depends on the time of the year and how important he thinks it is to maintain at the time.

Personality and interests

Due to his upbringing in the jungles of Kru'll, Tarmen has loose morals. He fully understands the importance of working in a team and can be an effective member, though he wouldn't argue if a few people were "let go" if he knows he won't see the group again anyway, plus that would mean a bigger cut.
He usually enjoys a good time at a bar and is not one to avoid a brawl, but when on the job he only allows the occasional sarcastic remark, otherwise he is quite professional.
He is very direct and is not against using intimidation or extortion when negotiating. When in a new environment or around those that he knows these tactics won't work against, he is respectful but firm.
What many people are often surprised by is Tarmen's softer side. He wouldn't call himself overly emotional (and neither should anyone else) but he had a small reputation as a romantic, though this is only when compared to the average Kru'll man. He will even do favors for those he considers friends, though one would have to survive several jobs in order for that to be considered.


Swordsmanship- Not professional, but knows his machete like his own arm.
Archery- Has the patience and strength to use most bows and as a hunter has deadly aim.
Hand to hand- Has survived many brawls and even won a few. Resourceful and not afraid to use underhanded tactics.
Survival- Can learn new land quickly and if equipped with the right knowledge, can live in the wilds with minimal contact with civilization.
Athletic- A lifetime of adventuring and ruin diving has toned his body and made him surprisingly limber for his size. His endurance is also well trained, as there is no better teacher than a collapsing city or hungry predator.


Born and raised in Kru'll, Tarmen readily adapted to the food chain of its cities. Starting off as many children do, he stole what he could and learned to make do with what else was available.
By 10 he could string a bow and throw a decent punch. He already had a small reputation among the ruin divers, squeezing into the nooks and crannies the adults couldn't fit.
By 18, he had his own crew and a decent wealth. He earned his crews respect through his blunt honesty, a willingness to reward loyalty, and by leading many of their expeditions himself.
He started feeling restless in his early 20's, leaving his crew and traveling as a mercenary, though he still mainly worked in Kru'll.

Reason for being in Arcadia

The dangers of Kru'll have become mundane for Tarmen. While he still sleeps with one eye open and is alert to any odd shadow, it has ultimately become routine and that complacency gnaws at him. Hearing of this New World, he is jumping at the chance to see what it has to offer.


Depending on the difficulty of a job or if it held some significance, Tarmen likes to keep little trophies as a reminder. This has led to a small necklace of coins, scrap, and animal parts. His pride and joy is a large claw, though he never tells the same story to explain why.

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Image of Tarmen Frespit
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