Amrat Caravanserai

The room you are escorted too is similar to the one you are quarter but much larger. There is a long wooden table at its centre. The man you know is name Agizul is already waiting for you seated at the table sipping from a delicate glass cup. A tall large man stands behind him holding a banner with two crossed tusks in a field of green.

He stands when you enter taking your measure with a smile on his lips.

The pressure of this meeting swung like a sword above her head, the rope gradually fraying and the sunlight taunting her on its steel. Shalia never felt accepted into the whole of the clan, and she knew there was Odonine who did not look upon her favorably even now which to some extent she understood. Tradition and whatnot that she had put on thin ice alongside the War Chieftain. They did respect her otherworldly power, however, and that is exactly what brought her here.

Koshnem bestowed this honorable duty upon her and success hung in the balance right behind the door she was escorted to. After swallowing hard, she entered the room with her head held high.

~Remember. No cursing, no insults, no catty remarks. You are the first impression of the Aghul, and you are acting as a diplomat here. Please don’t screw this up. If not just for Koshnem, prove it to yourself.~

There Shalia spotted the emissary, standing to meet her at the table. She was unaware how his people did greetings or if he could even understand Odon--but she could recall seeing him talk among the guests at the feast. When she looked up her eyes scanned the banner briefly before leveling to his gaze, deep green eyes twinkling with anticipation.

"Glad we could finally meet," she said while bowing her head. "I am Shalia Nix of the Aghul, and I have heard very interesting things about you."
A smile tugged the corners of her mouth as she spoke, standing straight again. That introductory phrase always stroked her ego in declaring that she had a place among something grand.

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