Stoneshade Keep

The Lord Commander called for her as soon as he had received the letter.
She sat across from his desk in his office while she read the missive that had been dispatched from Bootleggers' Pier. Signed by The Purger himself, carrying the official sign of the Inquisition.

Arbiter Voah Sahnsuur declared an heretic. An Apostate. With a prize on her head that could buy anyone a small nobility title anywhere back in Helias, not to mention, the eternal gratitude of the Office of Inquisition.

He had not been wrong when he told Voah during their last meeting that this land would change her forever and the price would be steep.

"I had planned to use the potential conflict between the two to our advantage and to keep the influence of the Inquisition in Arcadia in check." He told Melandra. "This simply works in our favour much sooner than we had hoped for."

He poured her a large measure of brandy. She had been working hard in the last few months setting up their network. Quite successful he felt.

"I will need you to go see him. We need to strike the iron while is hot." He said sipping his brandy. "With Sir Zane in Aquilo reinforcing the settlement I need someone else near this zealot."

Before she could answer he pushed a strange object across the table. Looked like half of a small tusk, craved with strange details.

"Friar Balvaris has the other half." He said. "I want the other half. And to know how this artifact came to the attention of Tarmen Frespit."

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