Stoneshade Keep

The Duke grinned at Melandra. She could always alleviate his mood.
"Indeed my dear. Killing all of our enemies would solve many of our troubles. Alas, it's not always the best solution." He said thinking on how to use this situation to their advantage.

"The Friar does indeed know about the tusk. It was him that gifted me with this half. He has the other half." He explained. "Balvaris knows better than to lie to us. Just get his half. I want to see the full supposed map the carvings show."

He looked at the map on his wall casting his eyes on Bootleggers' Pier.
It was no surprise to him that Voah Sahnsuur turned traitor. He couldn't even tell how the woman had become an Arbiter in the first place. Her beliefs were totally askew with the teachings of the Church.

"The Arbiter turning on the Inquisition is a blessing in disguise. We will offer our help in capturing her but the longer she eludes the Purger, the better." He said pondering. "This is a great blow to whatever power play the Inquisition had planned by sending Margrave to Arcadia. Shows dissent in their ranks." He said a small plan formulating on his mind.

"And when the time comes we will capture her ourselves to ascertain Salos ascendancy and power over that of Mizar and mine over the Purger in these lands." He concluded. "In the meantime he is doing what he does best. Whip the troops into a frenzy against the natives..."

Yes, it was a good plan. But first they needed the other half of the tusk.

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