Flurry of Sand and Wind

The wind seemed to want to play against the sand more this day. Islana kept walking despite being pelted by the hard grains scrambling about.

The young woman became even more grateful for the head covering which now was a soft shield against the elements.

Up and down one dune, after another, until the wind stopped her movements forward all together.

Her gaze landed directly on a dark wall of sand and dust coming at her, blocking out almost everything in its path including the sun.

Hearing Kaithak's screech, she didn't need to look to know the bird had moved high, above the rampage that was moving fast on top of her.

The sight was impressive, but it was a dangerous situation. Instinct kicked in, unlike her falcon there was no getting beyond it, she would just need to ride out. Low and to the ground.

The young witch moved quickly, making sure the scarf was tied tight, covering as much of her head and face as possible. Islana fell to her knees, practically into a ball, using her robes and cloak to cover her body and head.

By all accounts, having no knowledge of sandstorms, and completely alone, the redhead should have been scared. Yet, the witch found herself calmer than logic would dictate. Wondering if the storm was a test of some sort, perhaps by Viher. Not that she knew for certain but it made sense and gave her a sense that it wasn't just random bad luck.

The wind whipped hard, so much that Islana was certain it would have knocked her off her feet, if she had been standing. The sand pelted her body, the layers of clothing offered some protection but it wasn't enough to not feel it.

All the young woman could do was wait it out and hope.

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