Ignis Sucuris

Still Valley

To the south of the dread swamp lands, near Snake Tongue River, the Broods that inhabit the mangroves have a legend about a strange and eerie creature that commands more fear that almost any other creature in the valley.

The Sucuris is know to pray on travellers and even villagers at night using a strange hypnotic light to attract the weary and weak of mind into the darkest recesses of the marshes.

The name comes from the Old Rorath language and means Fire Serpent. Its great fiery eyes leave it almost blind by day, but by night, it can see everything. Even into men's soul.

According to legend the creature has been around since the fertile days of the Valley and managed to survived the great deluge that transformed the land into what it is today.

The Sucuris left its cave after the deluge and, in the dark, went through the fields preying on the animals and corpses, eating exclusively its favourite morsel, the eyes.

The collected light from the eaten eyes gave the creature, that is believed to still roam the southern reaches of the Still Valley, its fiery gaze...

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