Timestamp: Stoneshade Keep - Lord Commander's office

Seros Thert sat sipping at the apple brandy waiting for the Duke to address him. There was no denying that the man had managed to transform the fortunes of the settlement. And no denying he was as ruthless as he was efficient. Eventually the Duke looked up from his missives and smiled at his guest.

"How is the search going?" the Lord Commander asked. Seros smiled and nodded. "It's going well. I have gathered the crew. We could launch the sconner next week if we wanted to."

"I thought you were having difficulties finding experiences sailors?" the Lord commander asked.
"We were." came the reply. "Luckily among the last settlers some are proving to be quite useful. Also one of the sailors from the transport ships stayed behind."

The Duke stood up and poured himself a glass. It was a huge risk using the only large vessel the colony had, but plans were already in motion to start the construction of a small shipyard. Ostiarium needed it's own fleet and more than a fishing one.

Seros Thert had agreed to finance part of the project alongside the Empire's coffers, further cementing his status in the colony and his seat at the Duke's council table. A nearby area to the east of the city had already been cleared and construction was to start as soon as winter was over, now that the newer sawmill was ready.

The Duke looked at Arcadia's map hanging over the model of the city. He was likely to wait for Zane and Voah to return from their missions. But it was good to
know they were ready. He could no longer ignore it. He needed to know more about the island.

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