The Case of the Sovereign Individual: Part 2

After a moment for them all to think, the hand of Zendayul raised up into the air. She was probably the wisest of the group and was both attractive in appearance and character. Orohc Vandwln was pleased it was her that was going to respond, for he knew very well that Rruelyn was fond of her and thus attentive; not to mention that the chances of her and Rruelyn being matched in a few years was almost certain. When she was acknowledged, she stood and gave her answer.

Zendayul had a lovely way of forming her words with her hands that could gently persuade a flower to bloom. She began to sign, <Earlier today we all learned about the hierarchy of values with Orohc Alwetis. They allow us to organize ourselves in relationship to the world. This creative capacity to interact with the world and bring things into being gives rise to the notion of the sovereign individual. First of all, everyone is an individual and not defined by their group identity. One may have a group identity, in fact everyone does and people have unique combinations of multiple group identities. But our group identities are to be regarded as secondary. There is something in each of us that is primarily unique and of fundamental intrinsic value. And the fact that it is unique AND of intrinsic value is actually what makes it important to measure the individual as a sovereign entity. It makes each individuals voice valuable. Therefore, I do NOT think that there was just cause for taking further action against someone of the Inquisition. They are not ALL monstrous. Each individual of the Inquisition is a sovereign individual and each should be given the benefit of the doubt while being measured to determine if they are indeed a monster, not a monster, or something in between.> Having finished, she retook her kneeling position.

Rruelyn considered her words carefully and nodded in agreement. He also internally checked himself. Perhaps the real reason he did what he did, was less for the excuse he gave and more because he assumed that Zendayul was fancying Gonyaul when he saw him braiding her hair the other day. He instantly felt bad and signed across the mat an apology, to which Gonyaul instantly signed back forgiveness.

Orohc Vandwln was pleased with this display from his pupils. He wanted to use this teachable moment to press a little deeper. <Very well said Zendayul, you honor us with your wisdom.> Looking to them all he asked, <So why do so many Inquisition members seem to behave the same, let us say for this example in a monstrous way?>

Once again there was a moment for everyone to think. Zendayul waited patiently, she had learned it was kind to not always answer first and allow others a chance. It was actually Rruelyn that raised his hand and was given permission to sign.

Rruelyn answered, though not as eloquently as his peer, <They take away freedom of speech. The inquisition must make the argument that there is no such thing as free speech. The reason for that is for there to be free speech ... well, there would have to be the existence of sovereign individuals who have experiences that are grounded in truth ... that these experiences are unique to them and that they can be shared with other people of good will through dialogue.> He had to take a moment before speaking further. <The consequence of that would be an approximate novel and negotiated peace. Novel, because something new has come into being. Negotiated, because sovereign individuals of value have engaged in a process that enables them to come to a mutually understandable agreement.> Finished, he returned to his spot.

Orohc Vandwln nodded, <Interesting point Rruelyn. Thank you for sharing. So you are making the argument that the Inquisition does not subscribe to the idea of free speech because they do not believe in the existence of the sovereign individual.>

Zendayul raised her hand as Rruelyn was nodding yes. She wanted to add something. She stood and signed when prompted. <The institution of the Inquisition, for it to function as it does, treats the conception of oneself as a sovereign individual as an illusion. More so, a delusion that people only support because of the privilege and power that has been conferred on them. Those in control of the Inquisition don't think that other people truly have individual sovereignty, because other people are just avatars for their group identity as defined by their fabricated deities or other labels ... like witch.> She returned to her seat.

Myrcelni raised her hand and was given a chance to speak. <I am sad for the people in the Inquisition. I think they live in fear, because if they say, think, or do anything out of line they will be killed. They do not have free speech or the opportunity to be considered an individual.> She returned to her seat.

Orohc Vandwln nodded with a sad expression. <It is indeed very sad to not be able to share in a peaceful manner your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences without the fear of a punitive response. I would like for all of you to think on how that might effect the entrepreneurial spirit of a nation and let me know what you conclude at tomorrows session. For now though, lets get back to the lesson. Gonyaul please give Rruelyn the pads to wear so that he may take over for the duration of the group sparring. In addition, young Rruelyn you will assist Gonyaul with all of his afternoon chores. And Gonyaul, afterwards you will assist Rruelyn with all of his afternoon chores so that you can practice responding to a transgression with kindness. Am I understood?>

Both young boys nodded.

The day's martial arts lesson continued without an further interruptions to the agenda.

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