Keys to Aquilo

JP with Winteroak and White_Caribou

Tomorrow just before sunrise Koshnem, Shalia and the war band would arrive at the mines and the settlement in Aquilo. Of course it was hardly what you could call a settlement yet but it held secrets and knowledge that the Odonine could very well use to grow in status. The secrets of steel would propel the mountain people towards the path that their War Chieftan had for them.

"Ostiarium placed a garrison in the mines after their were attacked by K'ol and his brigands." He said with an edge to his tone. Once he had learned of the failed attacked he had offered 10 ponies from his own stable for each head of the survivors of the rebellion that those loyal to him could find.

"We have sent warning to our people in Aquilo that we are arriving to take it back." He explained. "They will help us identify those we need alive and offer to join us. All ranking soldiers we will kill, offering their soldiers a chance to join us, but it's the artisans we need. And Markus." He continued. "That is where you will come in."

Though she was sure the Stone City had a good amount of armor and weapons by now, disrupting the heaviest flow of ore and weaponry was a wise move. Cut off their important 'settlement' and gain from it well beyond the day the city fell. Uproot the only foreigner location that far inland. Proper smithing would certainly help the Odonine prosper longer and become more of a worthy opponent, same went for whatever they would learn from the Ostiarium workers they claimed. The witch had begun to realize how much she wanted to see the mountain people grow and survive, and not just for the sake of her safety alone.

Shalia kept her eyes ahead, twinkling with anticipation. "Go on."

"All accounts that have reached me tell us that this man is the true leader of Aquilo." He started patting his horse's flank. "Not just a master crafter or a logistical mind, but an inspiring one at that." He said hoping that it would become clear where he was driving at. "He stood with the Odonine miners when they refused to seek refuge in the mine during K'ol's attack. It would mean a lot to us that he would join us." He declared.

He looked at Shalia. Who better than to convince him to swear fealty to Koshnem, than a fellow Helian who had enjoyed great success with such a decision...

So this Markus fellow was the beating heart of Aquilo. Not a soldier, but a craftsman first, a man of the mind and word. One who already had spoken in defense of their people before. A new figure of intrigue to the woman. Shalia saw what Koshnem was getting at--it was paramount he lived and sided with them and her voice would be far more powerful to his ears than anyone else's. He would do what was best for himself and men like him would have some sense to follow in his footsteps.

Shalia spoke with confidence after briefly considering how she would do it, taking in a long inhale of the mountain air before letting go. "I understand. Join us he will."

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