Life or death...


Shalia served as the interpreter for Koshnem's words. The Helian population now is the forging settlement was close to hundred, but still vastly outnumbered by the Odonine and now by the Odsier slaves that had been kept in their pens.

The garrison offers were executed in the centre of Aquilo. Six warriors of different ranks that would hold too much loyalty to Ostiarium. No fuss, no big speeches, just a sharp blade across their bare throats.

Even though the Helian workers might not know exactly what was happening they knew this was akin to a declaration of war. Ostiarium would not stand for such displays from their supposed allies.

The words of Koshnem were simply. Join the Odonine, cast aside old allegiances, keep the fires of Aquilo burning and live or join the officers in death.

He looked at the Voice of Winter and at Markus. This is where she was supposed to come in. They knew that not all would join them, choosing death instead but hoped her words would convince the majority of the opportunity being offered to start a new life away from the Empire...

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