The Hole

Haven - Sentinel Island

Gonyaul looked up as the wooden lattice closed over his head.
He was in a small roundish deep pit with rough cobbled stones for a floor.

The walls of his prison were made up of natural rock and compact dirty, it was oval in shape and we around five metres in diameter. The lattice above was at a distance of three times his own height at least. The rounded walls did not lend themselves to be climbed.

It felt cold and damp and he imagined that no matter the weather outside, it would was be so. He looked at the overcast sky, grateful it was not raining. At least not yet.

Being so close to the shoreline he quickly surmised that water would come up from the floor with the rising tides. A couple of times a day at least as he spied a water mark all around the edge of his cell, around the height of his ankles.

He had not seen anyone else in the village apart from his captor and guards before being dumped unceremoniously down onto the hole, but he had seen that the settlement was nestle in a cove that looked totally surrounded by rock cliffs. He did see see few patches of land with crops and a couple of canoes attesting to tha more people could potential live here.

The silence from above however told another story. At least for now...

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