Sydney nodded. " That's cool I guess." She had noticed the guy watching them and when she locked eyes with him he smelled and gave her a wink. She smiled politely then looked away. " What's your major?" She asked chase. Suddenly she felt someone standing close to her and looked behind her. There was the guy. He seemed to tower over her and chase and she took a step back. " Hey..I'm Ryan." He said with a grin. " Um hi..I'm Sydney this is my friend chase." She said. He looked down at chase. " Hey." He had some of the most calculating eyes she had seen it made her fiddle with her bracelets. " Do you need past to the keg?" She asked moving out of the way. " No I was coming to say hi. " She laughed as he grinned " well hi." He was very cute though. She liked the way he leaned against the wall. He was blocking the past slightly but it was like he didn't care as if he had the attitude that people could move around showed confidence. She grinned not even realizing she had flirting face now.

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