Trouble pt2

Ryan smiled his most charming smile. " Great that's a real respectable major. Mines athletics and sports media. I'm doing baseball right now when I graduate I might go pro or I might just be a sports anchor or something like that I haven't made up my mind yet." He reached down and played with a peace of Sydney's hair " what about you? What are you going to be when you grow up?" She giggled and smiled up at him practically purring at his attention. "Um... Psychology and classic literature" she said. " Oh beauty and brains" she giggled and he smerked. Oh yeah they were putty in his hands. And she would be so easy. The psychology majors were always the easiest to mess with. All that knowledge for what?
As for chase he didn't know if he wanted to keep him around. He would just have to see what he had to offer in time.
He stood up straight as if he had just remembered something super important. " Hey you know what a few of us are going out on my boat tomorrow. You guys should come. It will be great."

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