Jock star pt3

Karen seethed. That was probably the first time he had ever pushed her off and she suspected it had alot to do with the girl he was talking to.
" That's great. Thank you. I'm glad you like it." And she was. She liked when people enjoyed her art. This was the first conversation she had ever had with Jamar. He seemed nice. She liked the respectful way he had set Karen aside. Not rude or anything Just setting firm boundaries. It was a good sign.
Karen on the other hand was so angry she felt like her skin had needles. " You know you are right. I better go find him before he gets into some trouble." She said in a bubbly tone and stood up but as she passed Nadira she " tripped" spilling her full cup of beer down the front of her dress. She covered her mouth and looked down at the girl. " Oh I'm so sorry girly, I think iv had to much." She said sweetly briskly walking away and disappearing into the house.
Nadira stair down at her self and shook beer from her hands. " Wow....I..have to go..." She said and stood to leave.

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