Strapped for cash

Amir was so excited. Tonight would be amazing, just the two of them. He didn't expect they'd do it but he was going to be prepared just in case. Checking his wallet, he realized his $200 from the sittings was almost gone. He'd have to be more careful going forward. He still spent money like it came from an allowance. Allowance!

He hated to, but he texted his cousin, asking for money. They went on to talk for a while. filling the other in on what they'd been up to. His cousin had had plenty of fun with new lifestyle, truly to keep up appearances mostly, but was excited to be a prestigious university. "His" parents had even bought him a new car for the new semester - a Bugatti. Another apology present for not coming to visit, again.

His cousin sent him $500 via VenMo and Amir was grateful. It was dawning on him more and more just how privileged of a life he'd let.

Hearing Chase groan, Amir laughed. "Not used to drinking like that?"

"You could say that, or preferably, whisper that," Chase replied. He didn't remember much about last night until he looked at his phone and flicked through his pics. He also had texts from Sydney and Ryan. Ryan was reminding he and Sydney about the boat outing this weekend. Sydney had replied back to just Chase, making it clear she wasn't sure if she'd be going or not. Chase replied trying not to sound desperate but encouraging her to go - he didn't want to go alone.

Chase struggled through his classes and by lunch he was much better.

Amir had only one, morning class then was free to tour the campus some more before 6 - when he and Nya had agreed to meet up before going out.

Jamar woke with a smile. Thoughts of the party still in his mind. His alarm buzzed and he forgot he had a very early session in the music hall. He got ready and hurried there. No one knew about his true intentions for his major. Sure, he had classes in music tech and a freestyle course, but he was mostly in to opera.

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