Counseling and text

we will head out around one or two so we can spend the whole day at the lake. So be at the docks by noon. Tell Syd not to be late.
Ryan replied swiftly. He knew the kid had a crush on him and was just waiting to see how useful that could be to him. The teacher coughed and he put his phone back in his lap to focus.
He decided to send the same txt to Jamar minus the Sydney part. Just so he didn't forget. Dude flaked sometimes if u didn't ride him. and bring a date or something ;P he added.

Sydney was practically floating down the hall so wrapped up in her thoughts and memories of vander. As she rounded the corner she saw the two boys comparing scares and subconsciously her hand dropped to her bracelet covered wrist. She gave them a bright smile and walked up to chase lacing her arm through his. " Hey buddy. What you guys doing?" She asked all bubble gum and smiles.

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