OOC - Private Game

This is a private game. The Mods will invite you to join if they need help with the universe or are having problems with the characters. Please, do not create characters just because you want to.

Also, this game is neverending as it encompasses the Multiverse. That being said, when the players feel the story has finally reached an end, the following post will be labeled In another universe... or something similar. This is how you know a new storyline has been started. And just because an OC falls for one character in one storyline does not ensure they will be with the same person in another. Even if they did, there is no guarantee that it would be in the same way as before.

OC pictures will be used multiple times, as they are variants of each other. That is not to say some different pictures won't be used at some point, just to be aware that they aren't copied photos for no reason.

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