A Questionable Tour

"Hey, guys!" Emily said into her phone. "This is my first TikTok Live! Me and my friend are going- Ack! Megan! You got some of that in my mouth!" She chugged some water to wash out the spray from her mouth. "Sorry, guys. As I was saying, My friend and I are going to take a tour of the Bermuda Triangle. We have a cooler full of beer, drink responsibly, food, and water so we don't get too dehydrated. I want to see what all the hype is about and if the myths are true. Megan, tell everyone why you are going on this tour."

Emily turned the camera to her friend, who was applying another coat of sunscreen on "Because you dragged me out of my house and guilt bribed me with food" she said rubbing the sunblock on her face

"Well, there you have it," Emily said, laughing. "You can buy my friend with chips and beer. Anyway-" she went to continue but was interrupted by the loading crew "alright passengers please be careful on your wat up the ramp amd head straight to the lounge area " he said as people started going up the ramp towards the large ferry like boat "did I mention I hate the sun and the ocean.... " Megan said looking very much not excited

"You are acting like I enjoy the thought of Jaws coming out to eat us," Emily said as they followed the crowd. "This isn't my idea of a good time. We put twenty vacation ideas into a hat and you drew this one. I just had to buy the snacks and drinks." They sat down. "Girl, I know you brought a heavy-duty umbrella. I may have some bug goggles on to cut down on the glare from the water and the sun, but I still need shade."

Megan rolled her eyes "suffer " she said and then shared her umbrella " I hate you for not letting me draw again" she said as they boarded "but I guess this is better then being at home with a teething baby, though I already miss him"

"Bean will be fine," Emily said. "He's at the hotel with Jacob and we will be back in the morning. Eli is with my family, enjoying the hotel pool. This is the one day we were given to just have us time. My sister didn't want to come and my mom just wanted a day with her grandsons. So, enjoy it while you can. The next 18 years will be stuck at home."

Megan sighed as they took their first steps on to the boat, for some reason she had a bad feeling but she told herself it was because she didn't like boats "I need a drink as soon as possible " she said as the headed towards the lounge area, the lounge area was nothing more then a room in the middle of the boat that had a bunch of benches to sit on and a snack bar let's sit by a window " Megan said

"Sure," Emily said. "I'll sit next to the window. Since I put this one in the hat, I'll get my arm bitten by Jaws first so you have time to get to the opposite end of the boat." She looked back at her TikTok live. "See? I can be nice when I want to!"

Megan sat down as the boat started to move " can you go buy me a drink from the bar? Bloody Mary if they have it or a blue moon" she said handing Emily her card

"Sure," said Emily. "I'll stick to the Bud Light we have in our cooler."

"Shhh remember we snuck that in" she said in a whisper

Emily looked around and said, "Then, everyone is being way too obvious, because they also brought a whole damn cooler too. I picked this tour because they let you bring snacks and drinks because they stop on an island on the edge of the triangle where we can spend the night. The huts don't have drinks or food. Remember?"

"Yes but they don't allow the pot that also in the cooler " she replied with a mischievous smile

Emily chuckled and shook her head. She went to the bar and ordered her friend's drink. She brought it back and grabbed a beer. The drone of the guide over the intercom started to put Emily to sleep and she was surprised when they stopped at the island at lunch time.

"Has it been 5 hours already?" Emily asked.

"Time goes by when your high....on life" she said giggling , clearly still stone but in a much better mood, she poked Emily's fave and giggled some more

Emily shook her head and said, "Let's go pick our hut and then see if we can get the driver to take us farther into the Triangle. I want to do it while there is still light out."

"That's for the best because no way in hell am I going out at night" she said getting up

They found a hut near the dock, had a quick bite to eat, and then went to talk to the captain of the tour boat.

"Hey, we were wondering-" Emily began.

"I don't go father in," he said.

"It seems like your asked this a lot megan said "every day and I garentee you won't be the last of this group to ask today" he replied

"Is there anyone that can take us?" Emily asked.

"No, but you can take one of the boats we have on the island," he replied. "Just don't loose sight of the island and also you didnt hear that from me and if you get yourselves killed thats on you , im just tired of people trying to take the boats from my ship." He said and walked away

" Well he's a ray of sunshine" Megan said

"He needs to get laid," said Emily, then she saw him enter a hut with a couple in it. "And they seemed to have volunteered."

"Get your mind out of the gutter and let's steal a boat before the sunsets but let me make this clear we are not going to far" she said

Emily said, "I promise. I'm not about to let Davey Jones take me to the locker anytime soon. I can't drive the boat, so that's up to you. Even if I did want to go farther, you are in charge so... I go where you feel comfortable."

"Thanks ems, also it's a row boat so now driving nessasry" she said with a chuckle "Let's go find us a boat" she said and started walking

"Speed boat would be better," said Emily. "Hell, a sailboat would be better."

"Beggers can't be choosers, if you want we don't have to go, " she said as they approached a boat

Emily said, "Urg! Fine. But we won't be going very far with it."

They grabbed a boat that looked like it would hold their things as well as could handle the waves. Emily wasn't feeling so good about it, but she wasn't about to let her friend know that, or the people watching her live feed.

Megan opened a beer and drank it as they took turns rowing, theu went just far enough that they could still see the island and boat but were now just pass the line into the Bermuda Triangle " ok so....nothing right...got what you wanted can we go now cause this is how horror movies start" Megan said looking paranoid

Emily did a slow panoramic view and said, "Yeah, I got the shot I needed. Let's head back before Chucky of the Deep makes its debut." The boat suddenly rocked. "Don't even fucking joke like that, Megan!"

Megan glared "that's not me and stop playing or your followers will see me drown you"

"I'm not doing it!" The boat rocked again. "I'll take the oars!"

She tried to get the boat to move, but it was like they were stuck. Emily started to panic and tears pricked her eyes.

"Emily this isn't funny!" Megan screamed trying to hold on to the boat, all that was going through he head was her son and husband who were waiting for her "Get us out of here!"

"I'm trying, damn it!" Emily yelled, images of her own son playing through her mind. "Help me!"

They both struggled to get the boat to stop rocking and to row away towards shore, but just as it had begun suddenly it stopped suddenly and right as they both were starting to feel relieved they were ripped from the boat and dragged under water by something unseen. And just like that they were gone and their worlds turned black

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