"Ami? Amelia? Amelia Stark?!" came a voice.

"What?" she said, sitting up.

"It's time to get ready to leave," her father said.

"Ugh!" She put the pillow back over her head. "Let me just stay home with Tony!"

"You would rather stay home than-?"

She threw the pillow onto her bed, her KISS shirt standing out against her pale skin. "Yes! Those parties are so boring!"

"You really think Tony can take care of you and himself?"

"He's only five years older than me! I'll look after him and he will look after me! It's what siblings do!"

"Fine! Just... you should be making better choices than this. You are a young woman now. You're sixteen. You need to start getting serious in school and finding a direction for your life."

"Dad, I'm in MIT, just like Tony was. I'm learning how to help Tony run the company. What more do you want from me?!"

"I want you to do more than just support your brother! Show me you have drive!"

"Just go away! It's not like you actually cared what Tony and I wanted in the first place!"

Howard huffed. Maria walked in shortly after. She sat on the bed and moved Amelia's hair from her face.

"Another dream?" her mother asked.

"Yeah," Ami answered. "I don't know what it means and I barely remember it after. All I know is it feels so real." She sat up. "Why does he always try to push things on me and Tony? It's not fair."

"He just wants you to have the best life possible."

"Then maybe he should have tried to be in it."

"He did his best, Ami. Go easy on him."

"Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution."

"See you soon," Maria said with a sigh.

Ami got up and got dressed, meeting Tony by the pool.

He looked like a Cliche rich boy , his swimming trunks were designer and so were his sunglasses "You know you both ruin the vibe I'm trying to enjoy Jeremy with all that yelling, also who said I'd babysit you?"

"Who says I'm not the one babysitting you, asshat?" she chuckled, her designer bikini doing nothing to hide her tattoo that her parents "gave her permission" for. "I just didn't want to go to that stuffy party. You can do whatever you want. I'm all for a party if you are."

"Sorry but the party I'm going to is for adults ms jailbait" he said with a smirk "maybe when your your older" he said in a mocking tone "why don't you day here and figure out how to stay daddy's little princes so he doesn't kick you out of his will" he said sarcastically

"If I'm the princess, does that make you his clone?" she said in the same mocking tone. "Because aren't you the one that gets Stark Industries if he kicks the bucket while I'm not given anything?" She sat next to him, becoming more serious. "He ignored both of us, Tony. He only pays attention to me because I'm a girl and 'more fragile' than you. I honestly wish I was given the freedom he gives you."

"I do have it pretty sweet huh" he said leaning back sun bathing "which remins me I have someone I got to go meet soon don't wait up"

"As if I'm going to spend the night worrying about you," she teased. "Might have some friends over, take a guy to your room, have sex on your bed. You know, the usual Saturday."

"Nice try, my security in my room is the best, after all I did it myself, you've never set a foot in there" he said getting up and stretching" and you never will" he added

"And I saw you cringe when I said sex," she chuckled. "Look, it's Christmas, we're both losers with nothing to do but hang out by our pool. Can we just do something as brother and sister? After all, you are the one person I could always say had my back in this family besides mom."

He pulled down his sunglasses in a sarcatic manner "I wasn't lying, I have a party to go to and I only cringed at the thought of some poor guy having to suffer a night with you, now if it will get you to shut up you can come to the party tonight but if you do don't make any trouble for me , in fact we don't know each other ok"

"As if I want people to know I'm related to you," Ami said, her own sarcastic smile playing on her lips. "But you get some poor bimbo pregnant, I get the company."

They both shared a laugh. They both knew that Tony was careful and Ami would most likely be hustling the billard table all night. They got ready to leave and were about to head out when a knock came.

"Um, Tony?" Ami asked. "Did you ask Rhodey to pick us up or something?"

"No" he said "I got to get ready, let the maid answer it" he said walking towards the house to go to the room

"Estele already left, moron," Ami said, earning her the bird. She opened the door. "Jarvis?" She saw the police. "Um... what's going on?"

"Where's your brother, Miss Stark?" Jarvis said in a sad tone.

"Upstairs. What's going on?"

"Perhaps we should-"

"Jarvis, please, just tell me."

"Miss Stark, your parents were in a car accident," one police officer said. "They appeared to have died on impact."

Ami couldn't believe it. She burst into tears in Jarvis's arms, screaming into his chest. Tony came back down and saw the scene. The officer repeated what he told Ami. Both were too shocked to do much of anything.

"Mr. Jarvis has agreed to take over Miss Stark's care," said the second police officer. "If you want, Mr. Stark, you can stay with him for a few years while you get everything in order. We are sorry for your loss."

The police left. Ami finally looked at Tony. She hugged him and both just stood there. Ami cried more while he tried to act tough and not let his own tears fall. She would never forget the last words she said to her father.

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