Four years later

"And now a word from your valedictorian Amelia Stark" said the school master. A soft applause echoed the room.

Amelia climbed the steps to the podium. She looked over the crowd. Rhodey sat in the stands, next to the seat reserved for her brother. No surprise, it was empty. A small smile played on her lips. She knew where he was. She couldn't even be mad. She spent the last week at the Alpha Kappa Phi sorority house herself to unwind. It helped that the Beta Pi guys were there too. She was thoroughly relaxed for today.

"So, I'm sure you all expect me to say something smart, inspiring, and encouraging to send all of you off into your tech fields," Ami began. "But I'm not going to do that. In true Stark, I'm inviting you all to a party at my penthouse, courtesy of my brother, Tony Stark. You want to know what awaits us? Jobs we don't want or debt that we can't get out of. So, tonight, as a final farewell to any semblance of meaning to our lives, I say we go-"

Rhodey came up and took the mic, saying, "Isn't she a riot? I think she's trying to say to enjoy what is coming and-"

"Rhodey, if I meant to say that, I would have." She put her sunglasses on, very Tony in that aspect. "See you tonight. Be there or be square, bitches!"

They both walked off the stage. The faculty shook their heads, remembering Tony just over a decade earlier. How they thought Ami would be different, she didn't know. Rhodey tried to lecture her on the ride to the penthouse. Oddly enough, Tony sat on the couch, a model on each arm.

"I'm so glad that's over with," said Ami, throwing the gown off. "Party tonight. You're buying, Tons."

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