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It was late and Lucy's shift had long since ended. So, why was she still at her station up in the Command & Control module? She had a girl over on level 93 that she sometimes played with. No doubt, He-Man would assume she was there. And much as she enjoyed choking that little Twi'lek slut, and she REALLY did enjoy choking her, Lucy had less carnal ambitions at the moment.

This new alien ship- the Event Horizon, it had arrived in such bad shape that luck alone seemed to be holding it together. And yet, they had a treasure trove of Imperial equipment and parts. More than enough to leave old Vrox drooling down the front of his tunic again. He'd immediately agreed to take it all in exchange for rebuilding their ship.

...But Lucy knew Vrox. That lizard was as greedy as they came. He took the trade alright. But the goods were clearly stolen or looted. And the ship itself, despite being laughably antiquated, had a unique propulsion system. She'd checked the sensor logs. It hadn't dropped out of hyperspace when it arrived. It was just... there. All this together, meant that the Empire would likely pay handsomely for the ship and its crew. And Vrox... Well, he was as greedy as they came.

Why did Lucy care? Well, for starters, she loathed the Empire. It reminded her of everything she'd fought against back on Dimension Nasty - 1945. But setting that aside, she also wanted to get away from V3. She NEEDED to get away from V3. And this Event Horizon... if she could find a way onboard, promised to take her VERY far away.

So, she'd been keeping tabs on things. Living in a system full of floating rocks meant that clear, long range communications could only be made on certain days, at certain times. So, she'd patiently waited all day long for Vrox to disssapear into his office. Then she discretely checked her surroundings and pulled a small metallic device from the deep crevasse of her cleavage. She slid it beneath the her workstation and attached it. Static coursed through her headset for a moment but quickly subsided.

"Yes, I've received the sensor scans you sent," a nasal Imperial officer's voice came through. "And I agree, this could be of great interest to the Empire."

"And my compensation?" Vrox replied.

"Yes, ofcourse. You'll be handsomely rewarded. But my nearest ship is quite distant from your... eh, station. It will take some time to get my forces to you," the officer said.

"Not to worry, Admiral!" Vrox declared and Lucy could almost see the lizard's many disgusting chins jiggling. "As I said, the ship was heavily damaged. And even if repairs are complete before you arrive, most of their crew are onboard my station. My security forces can easily subdue them."

"See to it that they do, Administrator. It would be unfortunate if my men were forced to travel all that way for nothing. ...Very unfortunate," the officer threatened and then immediately closed the communications channel.

"I knew it," Lucy mouthed as she yanked her headset from the console.

She checked the recording device and then secreted it back between her bountiful bosom and slipped away.

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