Over a barrel

Lucy stood nervously before the airlock to the alien ship. She'd had to steal an access code from one of the work crews just to get this far. For whatever reason, the ship's captain had insisted on some fairly extreme security measures. What kind of secrets was he hiding on this hulk, she wondered. She reached out and rested the tips of her blood-red fingernails against the surface of the airlock door.

There was something about it that... Suddenly an image flashed through her mind's eye. It was Robot Hitler, standing on a pile of her former comrades. They were all screaming in agony, waiving broken limbs, begging for death! Robot Hitler's numerous mechanical appendages dripped with blood as he held the twitching, broken body of her lover over his head.

"He-Man!" she cried, falling to her knees.

And then, just as suddenly, she was back at the airlock. The internal mechanisms began to loudly shift and whir within the door. Hurriedly, she scrambled back to her feet and tugged her robe back around her latex clad bodice. A moment later, it opened and she found herself staring into the eyes of a man who looked like he knew what Hell itself looked like. His face was covered in scars and his lips looked like they'd bleed if he even thought about smiling. But it was those eyes... they'd seen things that the human soul was never meant to endure.

"Captain Miller, I presume?" she said, pushing all other thoughts to the furthest reaches of her mind.

"Yes. Can I help you?" he replied.

"We need to talk. Vrox is planning to betray you," she said, composure now completely regained.

He gritted his teeth. Perhaps he'd suspected as much? He'd have been a fool not to at least consider it.

"Tell me everything," he ordered.

"Not so fast, Captain. I'll tell you what I know, and I even have a plan to get you out of this mess. But it'll cost you. Passage for two. I don't even care where you're going. I just want out of this mother-fucking system and I want to bend Vrox over and fuck him with an Imperial fist while I do it," she said.

"Miss...?" he began.

"Lucy," she supplied.

"Lucy, you have no idea where this ship has been... or what it's capable of. I couldn't guarantee your safety if I let you onboard," the man said in a tone so grave that it made Lucy uneasy.

But she'd made up her mind about this. There was no going back now.

"Cut the shit. I've got you over a barrel on this and you know it," she said

She held up her recording device and pressed a button.

Vrox's guttural voice began to fill the chamber, "...Not to worry, Admiral! As I said, the ship was heavily damaged. And even if repairs are complete before you arrive, most of their crew are onboard my station. My security forces can easily subdue them."

She cut the recording back off and a long silence took its place.

"...It seems you do have us... over a barrel," he finally replied. "But be warned, the Event Horizon is a cursed ship. You will not leave the same as you enter."

What was he talking about? Did it have anything to do with that terrifying vision she just had?

"I'll take my chances," she said and stepped past him, into the ship.

As she did, a deep sense of foreboding began to weigh down upon her shoulders...

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