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Summary: Dangerous bunny girl


Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Meta - Captive

Superpower (If Applicable)

Bunny ears and heightened agility.

Useful Skills

Hand to hand.

Rank/Title (If Applicable)

Bunny girl

Physical Appearance

Tall, curvy, athletic build.
Silver hair and bunny ears.
Dressed in black pants and tank top.
Pale skin
Silver eyes.

Personality and interests

Friendly and teasing but scary when upset. Has a habit of trying to push people into relationships.


Captured in brought into Megacorp facility where she would meet Ryan The two would become friends instantly. During their attempted escape Ryan would become too injured and would force her to leave without him. Since then she is become a part of the underground and hasn't stopped searching for him.

Favourite Sayings

They're cute together

Favourite food

Carrot Cake

Anything else?

Sees Ryan like a brother.

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Image of Juno
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