Image of Princess Surre Aerthos (Crown Princess)

Summary: 1.6m tall, platinum hair in a tight bun, pauldrons of frik over armored blue robes , icy blue eyes,

Princess Surre Aerthos (Crown Princess)

Gender: Female

Age: 30 years





Surre has always been ready to inherit the throne. From a young girl, she was taught and groomed for the position of Queen. It is all she knows and all she desires. The people love her...and fear her....While many of her mentors taught of peace and grace and love, others instilled a sense of cold, calculated logic. This coldness has led Surre to frame her methods of negotiation and statecraft with a blind eye to the suffering of sentients in the name of progress. Progress that is well received and beneficial but at costs that create the kindling of rebellion from those paying the price...


frik ancient short sword (royal heirloom)
frik accented armor pieces (2 defense and 3 soak )

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