Welcome to Aurus

The whirling blue vortex of hyperspace fills the viewport of the Lambda-class shuttle as it races toward the Aurus system. Seated in the spacious passenger cabin, the party goes over their briefing one last time. They have been commissioned by the New Republic to observe the upcoming vote on Aurus joining the fledgling galactic government. But with the coronation of a new regent to take place just prior, unrest is brewing, and factions both inside and outside the system threaten to undermine the proceedings.

"Exiting hyperspace in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." The co-pilot counts down as the ship shudders, stars reappearing as the hyperdrive disengages. Ahead, the dual yellow suns of Aurus shine brightly, their system coming into focus. Twin habitable worlds orbit close together, with half a dozen moons scattered between. But it is the fourth planet that draws the eye - a swirl of lush green and azure seas, with a sprawling crystal city rising from its midst.

As the shuttle banks toward the verdant world, the city's grand palace complex comes into view atop a plateau. Delicate spires reach skyward from concentric stone rings. Even from this distance, signs of preparation for the ceremonies below are evident. Banners flutter colorfully from balconies while shuttles and skiffs swarm the airspace like glittering insects.

Out the viewport, emerald forests and mountains rush by, giving way to orderly farmlands and villages bustling in the shadow of the royal demesne. Looming large ahead, the white spires of the palace await their arrival.

The pilot deftly guides the ship through bustling traffic over the capital city toward the designated landing zone. With a hiss of equalizing pressure, the boarding ramp extends toward a small welcome party of royal servants flanking a regal-looking protocol droid.

"Welcome to Aurus Prime, Treasure of the Outer Rim. I am A-2RE, better known as Arrie. I'll be your guide for the duration of your stay with us."

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