Adorable Mee

“I share your pain Klaire” he spoke gently touching her shoulder he spoke a spell to share memories. He showed her how he was executed and hunted on his own world and the hardships he had to go through.

Panic suddenly swirled through Klaire and she slapped his hand away, standing fast as lightning and moving away. Her tail fell between her legs as thoughts of her children came to mind. “Don’t touch me…” She said in a shaky voice.

“Apologies he”whispered, ears dropping while pulling his hand back and stepping away from her to give some space. “It won't happen again.” As he finished speaking rain began to fall as well.

“Sorry, it’s just…” Klaire sighed heavily and looked toward the sky. “We should find shelter and stay safe for the night.”

“You don't have to share if you're not ready just know that I understand regret” he told her before following her again.

Klaire took him along a path until they found an old cabin. Inside it was well furnished with make-shift furniture that was obviously homemade. “Make yourself at home. I’ve got to lock up everything.” She told him and went to the windows, closing the wooden shutters and locking them before sliding large metal bars into place on each one. After the windows, she did the same for the door.

With that done, Klaire went to a table and lit the candles there. “We’ll be safe here for the night…”

Altus nodded, setting the bags strapped to him on a table. Moving to the small fire place He got it started before shedding his wet robes standing now in just a pair of shorts he hung them by the fire to dry before turning to Klaire.“Are you hungry?”

Klaire looked over him almost skeptically and shrugged. “I could eat…” She said calmly.

Altus nodded and headed to One of his small bags, reaching in and pulling out a cooking pot as well as some fresh meat and vegetables. Overall he pulled more out of the bag than it seems like it could hold. Before carrying it all to the kitchen to make some soup. Figuring Klaire might be more tuned to her canine side He decided to add extra meat.

Klaire blinked and tilted her head to the side, an eyebrow raised. “How’d you do that?” She asked, gesturing to his bags. “They’re too small to hold all of…that.”

“Magical enchantment to make them bigger on the inside” he explained, trying not to think about how adorable she looked. “I can make you some, it just takes a little bit of prep time.” Once he was done with prepping the food he set the pot on the fire to cook.

“It could come in handy when we need to travel long distances.” Klaire admitted, watching him cook. Walking over to a corner of the little cottage, she pulled aside a curtain and gestured to the space within. “It’s not much, but it’s a little shower. The water works for some unknown reason and is even warm. I think it has something to do with the magic in this world. Maybe. I don’t know…either way, you can shower if you need to.”

Something under one of the chairs made a crunching sound, and the chair tilted from one of its legs being made shorter.

“Good to know there's magic in this world” he replied heading towards the shower “perhaps I can study it perhaps understand how we got here.” Before stepping in his ears twitched “did you hear something?”

Klaire pointed to the chair. “What’s going on there?” She asked.

“Something chewed on the chair” he replied studying the bite marks.

“You didn’t bring anything in with you, did you?” Klaire asked with a frown and sniffed the air.

A small spray of spit chairlegs chips came from under the table, followed by Mee. Mee looked like some kind of a small smooth-skinned lizard with three yellow eyes and a forked tail. Mee bobbed his head. “Chair tasted terrible!” Mee made it sound like it was all Amit and Klaire’s fault that he tried to eat something he found unpalatable.

“That's not mine” he replied studying the lizard for a moment before shrugging and heading towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Klaire sighed heavily. “It’s just Mee…” She muttered irritably and sat down. “I told you to stop eating furniture. When did you get here anyway?”

Altus returned several minutes later his body and the shorts He was wearing were noticeably more clean. Drying off his hair he moved to the fire and began filling some bowls with stew.

“After I was outside.” Mee answered Klaire’s in his creaky voice. He gave Amit a disgusted look at his still wet hair. Water burns Mee like acid so he has reasons to be wary of it. He bobbed his head, birdlike, as he stalked over to Klaire. He climbed onto her shoulder and eyed her hair. Maybe it would taste better today.

Klaire grabbed Mee and set him back down on a chair. “Stop trying to eat my hair. You’ll end up coughing up hairballs again.” She warned and walked over to fix the table leg. “Just eat food like the rest of us.” Since most things in this world often fixed themselves, she never had much issue with what Mee did, but she was always annoyed when the creature tried to eat her hair.

Altus brought the bowls of stew to the table making sure to set one aside for the lizard “perfect meal to fight off the chill of the rain” He replied with a smile.

Mee lashed his forked tail angrily. He hopped up on the table and peered at the stew before jumping away from it. “The food on this planet all has water in it!” Mee said ‘water’ with the same disgust someone might say piss or gluten. He scampered off the table to the floor and prowled around for some bugs.

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