“En tiennyt!” Piritta said. She would feel better fighting a tree than violating this planet’s sentient flowers.

“How about we all just start over” Amit replied “I'm sure Piritta here meant no offense and won't do it again.” Giving Kimber a pleading look he continued “In return I'll help you and your plants with whatever you need even if it's just being some extra muscle.”

“You are muscle?” Kimber asked with a raised eyebrow. “Show me.” It was obvious she was interested now…

“Calm down,” Colt hissed softly and sighed. “Today is not our day…”

Umbral and the flowers just silently watched everyone, the unicorn woman sipping her tea happily. She wondered when they would get to work on finding out what brought them here and why.

“En edes tiennyt, että kukilla on sukuelimet!” Piritta said miserably, rubbing her nose with the coffee soaked rag again.

Amit nodded before moving over to the stove and unplugging it. Reaching under it he began lifting it with one hand.

“I didn’t either, Piritta…” Colt answered and rubbed her back gently. “I think everything is okay now, though.”

“The flowers will forgive you if you bring them some fertilizer. It’s late, though, so it’s best not to go find that at the moment.” Kimber explained softly, watching Piritta with a raised eyebrow before noticing what Amit was doing. “If you break that I’m charging you for it.” There was a hint of playfulness in her tone as she spoke.

The flowers whispered amongst themselves, worried that Piritta might be a drug lord of some kind.

Amit gently set it back down, plugging it back in. “See not a scratch on it” he replied playfully “so what do you say My muscle your brains?”

“Minä saan lannoitetta.” Piritta promised. “Onko tällä planeetalla lehmiä? Missä lehmät ovat?” She did not look like she was going to sleep on it.

“Fine,” Kimber answered Amit before frowning at Piritta. “Yes, there are, but they’re not near here. We’ll have to go to the local farm tomorrow when it’s light out again.

“Why can’t we go out during the night?” Colt asked.

“Them…” Umbral answered for Kimber. “They always come out at night and devour people and their souls.”

“Mutta eivätkö he syö paskaa?” Piritta asked, frowning. She wanted to set things right with the flowers right away.

“Is it alright if we stay the night” Amit asked Kimber while walking over to her.

Kimbr glared at Piritta. “Do me a favor and just stop talking about it.” She said and looked at Amit. “I’m not kicking you people out.”

“Mutta!” Piritta pointed at the flowers she had so deeply offended.

“Thank you for helping us” he replied giving a quick hug.

“They’re fine now,” Kimber insisted and literally shoved Amit off. “Too soon, bub. The flowers just don’t want you doing that again. Okay?”

All the flowers nodded in agreement.

“Can I use my usual room?” Umbral asked.

With a nod, Kimber slipped away to get a shower.

Amit went over to his backpack pulling out the spare clothes he kept. Looking at the other items in there he pulled out a small photo of him and his parents. Looking at it for awhile he placed it back in his pack once Kimber was out of the shower. Heading to take a shower of his own he didn't notice it slipping out and falling.

Piritta still apologized profusely to the flowers while Kimber was in the shower, even gave them what was left of her coffee before the green-skinned woman returned. Feeling sad now that her coffee was gone she looked around and spotted the photo on the floor and picked it up. She looked at it and pondered what to do with it.

“What’s that?” Kimber asked as she walked up to Piritta, dressed in a clean pair of pants and a button down top. Her eyes scanned over the image and she frowned before letting out a sigh. “A lot of people leave behind loved ones when they end up here…it’s a sad fact.”

That was when she noticed the flowers were suddenly twice the size they’d been earlier. “Uh…did you give them the coffee?”

“En tiedä.” Piritta shrugged, tucking the photo into Kimber’s hand while she was distracted by the flowers. The random photo’s fate was Kimber’s problem now. Piritta looked at the flowers, noticing how big they had gotten. Oops. “Ehkä… ehkä jokin muu teki niistä valtavan suuria. Tämä on maaginen planeetta.” She said innocently.

Amit stepped out of the shower a couple of minutes later dressed in some shorts and a tank top. One would be able to see if he kept in shape but also the multiple scars running across his upper body.

Kimber looked at Amit with slight concern and held out the photo to him. “This fell out.” She told him honestly.

The flowers, however, just stared at Piritta for a long moment. “You gave us coffee.” One of them said and another giggled. “It makes us become tree-sized! It’s so fun!” Another chimed with it and also giggled.

“Perhaps we should move to the green room. It’s like a greenhouse, but attached to the main house here.” With a leaf the flower that spoke pointed to a dark green door.

“Thank you, it's the only one I have of them,” he whispered, taking it and safely storing it back in his bag.

Piritta threw open the door to the green room and turned back to the flowers. “Tarvitsetteko minun kantavan teillä?”

Kimber wasn’t sure who “them” was - his parents, maybe - but she wasn’t about to pry. Instead, she walked over to the plants and helped them get into the green room. “Do you mind helping me move them, Piritta?” She asked in a calm tone. “They aren’t ents, so they can’t walk on their own, sadly.”

Umbral watched in silence before slipping away to her room where she would close and lock the door. What the unicorn did while on her own was a mystery…

Amit moved over to the plants to lifting some of the up and into the green room.

Piritta had guesses about what Umbral was doing alone in her room, all inappropriate. Sadly no one would ask her what she thought Umbral was doing. She helped move the flowers into the green room.

In all irony, Umbral was merely reading through some books before getting some sleep.

The flowers muttered thanks for the help and got comfortable in the safety and warmth of the green room. It held trees and other plants of all kinds. A window leading outside was covered in strong roots and vines, as if keeping something out…

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