When Dark Is Light

Red eyes opened to find themselves in dark murky water. Lungs burning he fought against the mud to reach the surface. Coming up he sucked in the air into his lungs and looked around. Last thing he remembered was the mountain battle and now he was in some sort of swamp. “We can worry about that later for now let's try to get dry” he told himself as he swam to the shore. He was a tall individual with blue skin, red eyes, and pointy ears signifying himself as a dark elf. Moving to the shore he gathered some of his branches to make a small fire. Looking down at his hand he concentrated mana into it his mind channeling the mana to warm the air molecules soon enough a small flame appeared into his hand which he launched into the pile.

What he was unaware of were the pair of gold eyes watching him the entire time in silence. Clawed fingers twitched as she kept an eye on him, took in his dark features and red, enthralling eyes. Something about him intrigued her, perked her curiosity. She had spotted the bubbles in the murky water before he’d burst out and gasped for air.

It was the fire that spurred her to take action.

“I wouldn’t keep that fire going for long if I were you. When it gets dark, They will come investigating and you don’t want to be here when that happens.” Her voice was silky smooth as she dropped down on the other side of the fire, bare feet quiet as she did so. Those gold eyes gazed at him, curiosity evident within them. “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

He was startled for a moment channeling mana into his hands ready to cast a spell in an instant. That was until he took notice of her and found himself lost in her golden eyes. “Where exactly is here? And who are you?”

“Klaire,” She said, tilting her head to the side, but offered nothing more about herself as she crouched in that animalistic way she had developed over the time she’d been here. “You’re in Converge…welcome to your new home.”

“I don't recognize that region” he replied pulling out a map of his known world. “Can you show me on the map?” He asked holding it out to her.

“You’re not wherever that map is from. You’re on a new planet called Converge.” Klaire answered. Got a name or are you going to keep being rude?”

“Apologies, my name is Altus” he replied, extinguishing the fire and holding out his hand “nice to meet you Klaire.”

Klaire gazed at his hand as if it were a foreign object. “I don’t touch people…” She told him calmly. It was without disdain or disgust - just a simple fact she wanted to let him know about. “It is…nice to meet you…I suppose. I’m not very social so this is not my strong suit. Either way, you are not on whatever world you recall. You’re on Converge, a planet where many come to stay, even if it is not their choice…”

Her last few words sounded almost sad.

“Well considering I was about to be killed I'll take being stranded on another planet” he sighed pulling his hand away as he studied Klaire. It was obvious she didn't feel the same way.

“ Say, do you think you might be able to help me? I know nothing about this place but I'm pretty talented with magic so I'll help you out in any way I can in return.”

“Can you create light with your magic?” Klaire inquired.

Altus nodded and cupped his hands before whispering into them. Opening his hands revealed orbs of light surrounding them and illuminating the area around them.

“That’s good,” Klaire said and waved a hand to make him get rid of it. “Can’t risk them finding us this late in the day. I’ll help you, but you have to listen to me or you might get killed…”

Altus nodded and followed behind Klaire his eyes looking over her. There was something about her that was mesmerizing.

“What?” Klaire asked stiffly. “Why are you staring at me, elf?”

“Apologies just never met someone like you before” he replied, “i just find you interesting. what world did you come from then?”

“Earth,” Klaire said with bitterness in his tone. “A place that hates people like you and I.”

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