Violating Flowers!

Before Kimber could respond there was a knock at her door and she got to her feet. Walking to the door, she looked out the peephole and blinked. “Didn’t expect this…” She said before opening the door to reveal Umbral and her two new companions, Colt and Piritta. “Hello.” She said.

Piritta let Colt walk on his own, but followed him closely as if he was a baby taking his first steps and wanted to be able to catch him if he fell. “Jee! Hyvä Colt!” Piritta cheered Colt as he reached the door. She curiously looked at the green woman. “Terve.”

Amit looked at the new people with a curious expression “are your boyfriends ears and tail real or is it a fetish thing?”

“Se on todellinen fetissi.” Piritta replied. “Ja, hän on ystäni, joka on poika.”

“We’re just friends…” Colt said and there was a hint of disappointment in his voice. “As for my ears and tail, they’re real.” Colt answered stiffly, giving Piritta a glare. “Whatever is going on here means we don’t need to worry about that shit, Piritta. You can stop lying to people…”

Umbral just gave Kimber a small smile. “She is a strange woman, but she seems nice enough. Hi, I’m Umbral!” She held her hand out to Amit politely.

“Nice to meet you, I'm Amit,” he replied in a smile and shook her hand. Leaning over to Kimber he whispered so only she could hear “I don't think he knows they're a couple.”

“Mitä? En valehtele.” Piritta said, frowning at Colt.

“Are we a couple?” Colt looked at Piritta expectantly. “And it’s not a fetish, damn it! I was born with these ears and tail!”

Umbral sighed heavily. “Don’t mind them. They’ve been acting this way since I met them…I think it’s normal.”

“Right…” Kimber said grumpily.

“What is with them?” A flower asked.

“Are they in love?” Another swooned.

“Olemmeko pari?” Piritta looked at Colt, then shrugged. “En tiedä - hei!” She was distracted by the flowers. “Olenko saanut huumeita?” She sounded hopeful.

Amit took a sip of water as he watched it all play out.

“What did she say?” Kimber asked.

“If she was drugged…” Colt said and sighed heavily. “Umbral said something about you know how things work?”

“Yeah, I do…and the flowers talk. That’s just how things are on this planet. Life here is like an acid trip, so get used to it.” Kimber answered with a shrug.

Umbral, however, found herself a mug and got some tea, sitting by Amit so she could drink it. “So, I guess you’re new?” She asked him.

Piritta smiled. “Pidän tästä paikasta. Tämä paikka on melkein yhtä hyvä kuin erikoismarjat.” She happily gave Colt a hug then bounded off to get a closer look at the flowers.

“Yeah Kimber found me at the beach and has been helping me since” he replied “she's very kind.”

Colt was silent, feeling his real questions were always avoided.

“That’s good, but you’ll need to visit the city to get properly registered as a citizen of Converge.” Umbral explained with a kind smile.

The flowers turned their blooms up to Piritta.

Piritta stuck her nose right into the flowers and inhaled deeply. She loved what she was on here and wanted more.

The flower screamed. “She is violating my privates with her nose!”

“Anteeks.” Piritta blinked and stumbled backwards. So it is possible to surprise the Finn after all. She tore a piece off her t-shirt that Colt was still holding, dipped the rag in her coffee and used it to wipe off her nose.

“How does money work here” Amit whispered to Umbral “I want to take Kimber on a date as a way of saying thanks.”

“She won’t want to go out on a date, sir.” Umbral said politely. “You’ll have better luck getting her attention by making a robot.”

Colt just sighed heavily, exasperated by Piritta. “Stop being childish…”

“Keep her away! Keep the human away!” The flowers screamed as Kimber went to them. “She violated us! Violated!”

“Olen hyvin pahoillani!” Piritta said to the flowers. She felt terrible. She had always been the one to beat the shit out of paskiaiset and raiskaajat.

Amit nodded before trying to defuse the situation “I'm sure she didn't mean any harm where we come from. Humans take care of flowers and Admire their scents.”

Colt grabbed Piritta’s shoulders and rubbed them gently. “Calm down, just give them time to settle.” He told her. “It’s gonna be okay.”

“Well, here we respect boundaries when it comes to flowers…otherwise, they might call the trees for help.” Kimber admitted a bit nervously and calmed the flowers down.

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