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World Event 2. Feel free to investigate.

Mar 5, 2024, 6:29pm by trustno1

Gail Iris had to get out of there. She couldn't stop herself from shaking as she ran to her car. She taught there at the high school for two years but seeing the students talk like that, s ...

OOC - You can do anything. It will have effects on the game.

Mar 5, 2024, 11:53am by trustno1

(You have complete free reign on how to solve the case and what methods to use from action, weapons etc........ to investigation, to asking NPC'S for help. You can do anything. It will hav ...

Good Morning London!

Mar 4, 2024, 9:21pm by Sky

Lumina leapt out of the Tube and made her way out of the London Underground, working her way through the rush hour crowd of commuters. Upon exiting the station, she put up the hood of her h ...

Episode One: Man in the Box

Mar 4, 2024, 3:54pm by trustno1

Man in the Box Olivia Warren hated her job. She hated the blood. She especially hated the needles. How exactly she got involved in the medical field she could never understand. P ...

Showing posts 211 - 225 of 214