Every cliche in the book, except one...

"We don't serve your kind here; you'll have to leave." Tak the barkeep was already reaching for a blaster he kept behind the bar. Most droids knew the rules, still once in a while, one would test his resolve. That was all right, one quick blast to the chest always did the trick.

"Why?" Bux's voice betrayed no emotion, which wasn't surprising for a BX Commando Droid. For anyone familiar with such creations would have been surprised at the reply, but Tak, like many flesh-and-bone people, viewed all droids as the same, things to be bossed around.

"Lots of reasons. This isn't a droid bar. We don't serve anything you drink. You're taking up the space of a potential paying customer. Because I said so. Take your pick." By now Tal had brought out his weapon, he cocked it, activating the internal charge, audibly making the point this was a very functional weapon.

"Now leave."

At this point Bux had calculated sixteen ways he could remove the threat, and had them sorted from most deadly to least, and was also compiling the odds of what would happen should a bar wide brawl break out. However actual violence was unlikely to result in Bux getting answers. "Allow me to offer an alternative, I will give you one hundred credits if you will allow me to remain in your establishment for one quarter standard hour." Bux extended his arm, containing a small pouch of coins.

Tal considered the alternative of just blasting the droid and taking the money anyway. He decided against it, fair was fair after all. "Not a minute more."

Bux turned without another word. He had already located his quarry. The female human was sitting alone, her back against the exterior wall. Bux approached the table. "You are Jaa Aldes."

"You got the wrong gal." She didn't even look up from her schematic.

"I wasn't asking." Bux sat down across from the human. She looked up from her data, a frown on her face making clear the interruption was not welcome.
"Your location did not come easily or cheaply, but you are Jaa Aldes."

"Maybe in another life." She returned to her work.

Before Bux could say more, he detected the familiar sound of a weapon charging right behind his head. "Time's up, Droid."

With speed no human could match, Bux in one motion moved out of the way, and having triangulated the position of the barrel grasped it with his left hand. He then aimed it at what would be a non-lethal location on Jaa. The blaster fired, and as expected grazed Aldes' arm. She screamed almost as loudly as the barkeep did in surprise.

Multi-jointed it was easy enough for Bux to twist the weapon out of Tak's grip before another shot went off. A quick blow with his free hand knocked Tak out.

Bux cocked the gun and held Tak's limp body as a shield. "I don't want to have to kill any more of you." He had amplified his voice and dropped the base of his vocal synthesizer to its lowest level. He repeated the language in the four languages he had overheard being used earlier and took note to see if any wouldn't believe him. No one moved.

"You shot me!" Jaa Aldes seethed as she ripped off her damaged sleeve to make a quick tourniquet.

"He shot you." Bux placed the rag-doll-like body of the barkeep in a chair next to Jaa. "I kept him from killing you."

"Don’t expect me to say thank you, you could have done more." Aldes looked at her handiwork. She'd have to have a proper medical professional take a look, but that would cost her, and break her anonymity.

"Correct, and you know that because you're Jaa Aldes, one of the officers responsible for my design."

"What of it droid?"

"I need your help. I have plenty of unused medical supplies on my ship, come with me, I'll give you all you need, I will pay you for your time, then I will leave you alone forever."

"You're nothing like the droids I designed."


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