Bux noticed how Aldes took more medical supplies than necessary for her wound and placed the excess in her bag when she thought he wasn't looking. BUX didn't care for multiple reasons, including the fact that Bacta wouldn't help him, and rarely would sterile gauze come in handy.

"I have upheld my end of our deal." Bux found with most life forms a willingness to abide by deals. "Your wounds have been tended to, no permanent damage is likely."

"Okay," Jaa moved her damaged arm slowly making sure it still worked. "I'll need to remove your cranial shielding."

"I will remove it, you will not touch me. I need your observations from visual inspection only." Bux needed to be very clear on this point. He had come up with several dozen explanations and most of them led him to believe that if discovered, the source of his...alterations...would be highly prised, while his existence was not.

"Fine by me." Jaa Aldes grasped one hand with the other behind her back. The droid removed the four screws necessary to hinge and then detach the rear housing. It did not have eyes in the back of its head, but Jaa noticed it was watching her via a carefully placed mirror. "I've never seen that before." Instinctively she went to touch the equipment but then stopped herself. She couldn't be that direct. "If you allow me to get closer..."

"No." Bux moved forward and just as easily reassembled himself.

Aldes began to pace slowly around the room. "If you give me more time, perhaps in an actual lab..."

"Just tell me what you think." Bux's voice remained emotionless.

"You have a memory module I've never seen before. Everything else looks standard issue. You've no idea where it came from?" Jaa stopped pacing.


"That's a shame." Aldes slapped her hand on a panel, activating the magnetic shield override. The droid was instantly pulled across the room and slammed into the mag-panel. Usually for storing items in a zero-gee environment, it made for a handy way to incapacitate a pinch.

Jaa Aldes walked right up to Bux. "I'll be taking that module, the empire will have to reinstate me then."

"You have made one miscalculation." Bux was unable to move from off the panel, but was able to speak.

"I doubt it." Aldes went to disconnect the droid, then decided to humor the machine. "What?"

"This isn't MY ship." Then with an audible beep that signaled that Bux was transmitting a release code, doors down the hall opened. Angry voices could be heard as well as the sound of weapons being armed.

A Rodian came into the medical bay first, his blaster aimed chest high, and he fired well before he aimed.

"Wait, I magnetically sealed..." Jaa's words fell on deaf ears as the two blasts ricocheted around the room. The first one found a final resting spot in Jaa's chest, she slumped over dead.

Bux had been watching the other blast and managed to adjust his arm to deflect the blast toward the control panel. The energy connected with the controls and destroyed them, deactivating the magnetic panel. Now free Bux was able to disarm the pirate and knock him back into his approaching ship-mates. Bux was off the ship before they could stand, and he disappeared into the night.

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