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We’ve reached 47%. More donations please!


Each month we get closer and closer to hitting the OngoingWorlds website gets closer and closer to its bandwidth limit. It’s now so close that I got an email earlier that we’re at 95%, and with only 4 days remaining we might *just* scrape by.

I’m not complaining of course! Over the last few months and years, OngoingWorlds has got more popular, which is amazing, it’s been great to see it used to create the most amazing roleplaying games. The only problem with increased popularity though is increasing costs! Hosting, traffic, email usage & domain name all have to be paid for.

Currently this is being paid for by me (David aka Onion) as a hobby project. Which I don’t mind, although can be a bit expensive. So It’d be absolutely great if you enjoy using OngoingWorlds if you could help share the cost and donate! We’ve already had some donations by some incredibly cool people, who you can read about here.

We’ve had another donation from Jack who plays Alex Solvay on Blue Dwarf, and whom was awarded the OWCH to just a few weeks ago.

47% complete

So far we’ve had enough donations to cover 47% of our hosting costs. Which is great that we’re almost halfway, but it’d be even better to pay for it completely. When that happens I’ll bump us up to the next hosting level so that we don’t have to worry about hitting the bandwidth limit.

If you’d like to donate, go here and click the Paypal button. You don’t have to be a Paypal member to donate BTW, it’s just the easiest way to handle payments.