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We Hope You Enjoyed FallFest!

Good day,

I hope that you all are enjoying the holiday season of 2021! We are still not out of the woods in this pandemic thing but hopefully in 2022 we can make further progress together. Earlier this fall we all joined together for a wonderful FallFest hosted by 5th Fleet and chaired by their Chief of Operations Nixon. The event was great and people spoke well of things; I am happy that the hand over to SimmingHub has went so well and that people were willing to help run the event even though someone else was handling behind the scenes. I am honored to be a part of this moving forward and I want to thank 5th Fleet for helping this year making the event a success. This all could not have been done without their direct oversight of the set-up, planning and running of the event. I hope that we all as a community are able to keep all of this going over the years to make future FallFests and this next year’s SciWorld as successful as those prior.

The SimmingHub Organizing Committee is honored to work with Ongoing Worlds’ Board of Trustees following this FallFest to award the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor to Nixon for his management of this year’s FallFest. Without his great work, support and planning FallFest this November would not have happened; thank you very much for your efforts, Nixon. It means a lot to the simming community and to me on a personal level as my team and I work to keep the mission of play-by-post role-playing alive into the future, making it fun and accessible for everyone. You were really a great help this fall.

I hope that everyone has a safe new year and that you all enjoy the upcoming Babel and Khitomer Conventions in January and February. I’ll reach out soon with planning details about this summers SciWorld later in 2022.

Be safe and be well,

Josh Hina (Atsumari)