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So you’ve traveled back in time – Now what?

It’s happened, somehow your roleplay characters have found themselves back in time. They’re being chased by Medieval Knights, or being attacked by cavemen, or are dodging stomping Dinosaur feet. But before they got here, I hope you thought about the consequences of a time travel plot.

I’l get to paradoxes in a while, but first. How will your characters get back? If they were deposited in this time by some sort of accident, what hope do they have of returning? Did the device that brought them here travel with them? Read More


11 essential things to think about when running a time travel plot

This article was written for us by John Garcia who writes Jaxx in the roleplaying game Blue Dwarf.

tardis delorean Read More


The Trouble with Time Travel

This article was written by Chris Kentlea, veteran of Blue Dwarf, and designer of kits and guides to help roleplayers at Ennead Games.

harold lloyd hanging around with the TARDIS

Time travel, forward and backwards, is a subject that can cause many problems for GMs and players alike. Read More


11 things to think about before starting a time travel plot

Downton Abbey Primeval time travel

  • Make sure you mention or include a way of the characters getting back to their own time. Think about this before taking them on a one-way trip. Read More