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Tib’s Corner – Interview with Victoria Taylor “Celticlady, Tori”

tumblr_mezcrofyv61rfnwv0o1_250Hey guys! Tibby here with another interview! This one is with the fast rising GM, Victoria Taylor. Or as we know her around OW, “Celticlady” or “Tori.” Victoria is GM of one of OW most popular games, “DNA With A Twist.”. I emailed Victoria to start the interview and let’s see what she had to say!

1. I have to say, you’re first game is one of the Top Games on OW. How does it feel?
I must admit it was really surprising that it had done so well so soon. However I was very happy to get on ongoing worlds and look at the top games list and see it in the second slot. It was alway a hope of mine to eventually make the list.
2. Did you think DNA would do this well?
Actually I did not think it would take off this swiftly but in a way I am glad it did. There is always something going on in DNA making it a fast action packed game that isn’t for the faint of heart. 🙂
3. What are your inspirations?
Some of my characters are based off of life decisions I have made. Rowen (All the good) and Garett(The punishment and criticism for those good deeds) represent my life so far. But the main concept for DNA with a twist has come from a few different beginnings. I had seen this style of roleplay on a very childish site called neopets. However, what I had in mind for this type of storyline was far to dark for that site so eventually after searching I found ongoing worlds.
4. Do you plan on joining or making new games?
Basically I will probably join up new games as they come about if they hold my interest and the people are on regularly.
5. Any plans for the future?
Hmm….basically become a sucessfull business woman in the fine art of jewelry and keep on writing and having fun.
6. How long have you been writing?
7 years of stories with all different kinds of people and all different genres
7. Have anyone you want to thank for helping you get this far?
I would like to thank all my friends on Ongoingworlds. My friends from shcool and basically everyone else who has helped me shape my ideas to where they are today.
 8. Eleven is apparently not of this world. Do you think he is really the infamous Giddlysmooch?
I have no idea but if he is I pity him for having like Giddlysmooch.
Well there you have it folks! From the fast rising GM herself. That’s it for today folks! Keep Calm and Keep Ongoing! TIB OUT
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