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Tib’s Corner – Tale of Fahrvergnügen and Giddlysmooch

Hello children, Papa Tibby here to tell you all a fantastical story on the tale of Fahrvergnügen and Giddlysmooch. kryten-red-dwarfA tale of friendship, and betrayal [jk] Anywho, let’s begin the story of Fahrvergnügen and Giddlysmooch. [This is in no way to mention any names or games or point fingers at anyone!]

Once upon a time, in the magical forest of Gum-gum Wibbly, at the village of Tumbeldy Bum-Bum. Lived a magical elf by the name of Fahrvergnügen. Fahrvergnügen was a member of a special site that specializes in Play by Post games called “Perpetual Universes”, ran by Bill Sphere also known as “Turnip”. Fahrvergnügen had a game on Perpetual Universes, the game was called “Fahrvergnügen’s Game of Gamelyness.” It twas a very popular game on Perpetual Universes, everyone loved the game. One member, had a special taste for the game, his name was Giddlysmooch. Giddlysmooch loved posting in FGG, he posted everyday. But, what Giddlysmooch didn’t do was read other member’s posts. One day, the story went all Kaputzy! Giddlysmooch put a hole in the story because he didn’t read back on other people’s posts. Fahrvergnügen didn’t like this, so he warned Giddlysmooch. But that naive Giddlysmooch did it again! Fahrvergnügen warned Giddlysmooch again. But that silly Giddlysmooch didn’t listen again. Fahrvergnügen was not pleased after this time, he reported Giddlysmooch’s actions to Bill Sphere, who then bathed Giddlysmooch in a sea of fire. The End

Yeah, poor Giddlysmooch. What’s the moral of this story? Screw up and Dave will burn you! [Not Really, I’m sure Dave doesn’t own or rent a sea of fire.] The moral is, read other people’s posts. You don’t want to make a game go all Kaputzy, it’s proper Roleplaying Etiquette and it will help you understand the story. So remember, Don’t be a Giddlysmooch! Because who knows, Maybe Dave’s neighbor let’s him use his sea of fire! Yeah! Didn’t think of that did you?