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2 week Halloween writing challenge – What’s your character afraid of?

Hey roleplayer dudes. After last month’s image competition I wondered if we should also run a monthly (or twice-monthly) writing competition. – Hey that’s something we all enjoy right? Writing!

This idea was partly inspired by seeing writing prompts on Twitter (like #WritingDare), & especially the writing prompts my brother posts on his ScifiIdeas blog.

Write about…

Weed monster

Your character encounters the most terrifying creature imaginable. It’s the creature of their nightmares. Where are they? What happens? How do they feel? 

This might be in the past (like a flashback), or maybe in a dream, or maybe an alternate reality, don’t worry about fittting it into your current RP story or canon (although it’s fine if you want to!).

Prize – Lifetime Hero membership

The prize is the pleasure of winning, and also a lifetime Hero membership (if you don’t have one already).


  • Wordcount – 300 words max
  • To enter, post in the comments below. If it’s not obvious from your Disqus account, can you also include your OngoingWorlds username please so I can get in touch.
  • You must be an OngoingWorlds member (or what will you do with the Hero membership?!)
  • Story must be written in English

Closing date is midnight on Halloween 2014 (31st October).

  • Mobius64

    This is just out of pure curiosity and nothing more, but who will be judging the entries?

    • Right now, just me. Want to volunteer to be a judge?

      • Andy Locke

        it’d be utterly grim if I entered, so I’ll volunteer if you need a hand 🙂

        • Great! Thanks dude! I’ll send you an email 🙂

          • 1An0maly1

            May I also volunteer?

          • Sure dude, I’ll send you an email too!

        • Jade

          Bah ha ha ha! Not suggesting your character is damaged at all then Locke? 😉

          • Andy Locke

            all things considered, I’d say that she was remarkably well adjusted 😛

          • Jaxx

            I was going to go for a Quixotic Semi yet Evil motif, but then I realized it involved learning to many big words from the dictionary so I’ll just wing it. ;P

  • Cesca the Great

    Sounds wicked

  • Baronvonlongman

    Right then…a story about a Rabbit…

  • Noip

    OOo, sounds cool! If I enter, where do we submit them at?

    • Just post them in the comments here 🙂

  • Celticlady

    I am going to give this a shot

    • Great! Just post it here when you’re done

  • Johnny

    It says ‘to enter, post in comments below’. Does that mean the entry itself is posted here? Stop laughing… Not as dumb a question as it sounds. : )

    • Yeah I though it’d be nicer to post your stories in the comments here rather than secretly emailing so then we can see each other’s stories. Not a dumb question at all 🙂

      • Jaxx

        Hey Dave is this for one character only or can you submit additional characters?

  • Jade

    The room was cold and utilitarian, Doctor Jade black had called the others over before she went in. It caught her eye as it was clean, not like the overgrown corridors they had so recently fled down. As she entered, the door slid closed, and the room twisted around her. It darkened, the lights flickering around her, the room expanding and lengthening.

    “Ah… Guys?” Jade said, looking back towards the door.

    “Wha’s the matter Cap? You gettin’ the jitters?” A marine, name tag of Braton laughed, shouldering Jade in a comradely fashion. The laughter died instantly as the clicking of chitinous feet in venting echoed through the corridor.

    “You hear that?” Braton queried.

    “It’s more of the mutants…” Jade said, wishing, hoping that it was true, closing her eyes, palms sweating, heart pounding, fear rising.

    “That what we call ’em now?” Braton said, clicking the safety off his assault rifle and levelling it down the corridor. The clicking in the venting intensified, a low chorus of hissing echoing and bouncing around the strike team.

    “Orders Major Hek?” Said a younger recruit, Soma.

    “Keep it light. Keep it tight people. Four point oh percent a.b.v should be enough.
    We’re far aware from the main hive ship here.” Hek barked, freeing the safety on his own rifle as the chittering, hissing crescendo reached its peak.

    Then silence. Nothing.

    The lights flickered slightly, the only sound the shallow breathing of the marines. Jade
    was gasping now, her hands shaking on the assault rifle.

    “Chill doc, it’s just a routine sweep and cleaaaaAeRRRgggh!” Soma
    didn’t get a chance to finish as he was snatched out of the corridor and into
    the vents. Wet snapping sounds followed, and swiftly the marine stopped screaming.

    The corridor erupted into a frenzy of insectoid death. The Hymenoptera attacked.

  • Johnny

    Archie looked through the window, horrified by what he saw. The thing, it might have been a man when it was alive, that unwholesome dead thing, was hunched over her. He could not see its face fully, half turned as it was. She… was dead… God PLEASE let her be dead!… and this thing was pulling her bowels through a bloody tear in her abdomen. He could see her crimson streaked legs twitching as it straddled her. It brought the gory links to its lips and slurped and suckled at it as it chewed, blood and filth and bowel plopping wetly onto her exposed breast. He screamed a maddened howl of denial, but he heard himself as if from a great distance.

    Then, he saw her arm come up, helplessly… weakly… trying to push it away. God, NO! she was still alive. Sobbing pathetically, he raised his fists to smash the window. He brought them down on the pane with all his desperate strength, but the glass did not break. He tried again and again, but accomplished nothing… He felt nothing. The glass wouldn’t break. He frantically traced the frame, looking for a flaw.

    But… gasp!… it was not a window. It was a mirror! He spun about. He was not outside looking in. He was IN the room! He took an unsteady step toward it as it fed on her, his love. He lurched and reached out to grab it, snatch it away from her as she coughed a gout of gore that arced and splashed into her eyes.

    But, his hand found nothing, passing through as if it were a phantasm.

    Only, it was no phantasm. HE was. And the thing that might have been a man when it was alive… the thing eating his beloved…

    Was HIM!

    • Jaxx

      Jaxx replied, “Like I’ll get her?”

      Before they could protest Jaxx walked into the room & disappeared. Out of concern Eve quickly followed Jaxx into the room & disappeared as well. Eve kept walking as she heard Jaxx’s voice up ahead. Her heart raced as she ran toward the voice hoping to see Jaxx only to see he was not there. As Eve looked around she heard Jaxx again from above. As Eve looked up she saw a tortured Jaxx in a suspended cage. Jaxx was connected a series of chains via large fish hooks which pulled his body in fourth directions as he agonized in pain.

      Eve was horrified as she looked at her husband tortured before her eyes. As Eve stood petrified she failed to notice she was surrounded by several people as one of them cleared their throat Eve slowly turned around in horror to see she was surrounded by members of the modeling agency she worked for three million years ago. Eve began to panic as he legs gave out from beneath her. One woman who was wearing red go-go boots along with a red suede dress under a large fur coat made from Dalmatian furs.

      The woman in red had a sinister smile as she looked at Eve & said, “Darling I vam urt. Vy did you leave me? Vu are mine & if vu ever twy to leave again I vill keep your boyfriend.”

      Eve began to cry for mercy while the Model Agency members laughed at her. Eventually the woman in red said, “Bring her ve are late. HURRY UP People! TIS SHOWTIME!”

      The woman in red led the way as her men carried the helpless Eve away. Eve cried as she tried to reach out for Jaxx only to see him gone.

  • Cedrada

    Tami sat by the bank of the river, long since redirected to avoid the radioactive crater nearby. The child traced lines in the soft mud of the bank, pictures of comrades long passed. She scowled at the lines that were stubbornly refusing to form the faces. The thing she had sensed from her cave finally came into view, she stood up, abandoning the stick and smudged out the memory with a toe.

    “Hi! I’m Tami.” She said, the voice of the child echoing down the river towards the floating fortress.

    “Child.” The thing from within said with a slavering accent, its tentacles writhing and caressing the blind women accompanying it.

    “What ‘cha doin’?” She asked innocently, oblivious to the slow wind up of missile turrets and laser rifles on the platform.

    “Here there are many slaves. Here there are many, I will take them all.” Spittle dribbled down the enormous mouth, dripping into a caustic pool on the floor.

    “Ooooh… I don’t think so.” The girl said with a wicked grin.

    “So. The rumours are true.” It flicked several tentacles out towards the child and hissed. “Kill it!” A barrage of missile fire and lasers lit up the riverbank, causing a plume of smoke, and mud billow.

    “You missed.” Growled a voice, larger, deeper, but undeniably the same as the child’s from before. The Splugorth screamed as the dragon lunged and sank its teeth into the being’s head, crushing its slavering skull. The women abandoned their weapon posts and began to fire at will at the beast that has transformed before them. The dragon, Tami, sucked in air and breathed out, a wave of poisonous gas engulfing the women causing them to spasm and fall over. As the dust settled, Tami changed back into a girl. “Too easy.” She sighed.

    • Jaxx

      Suddenly a horde of rats poured into the room & swarmed Jaxx. When they finally left Jaxx alone he realized they ate all the ice cream.

      At the bottom of the giant ice cream goblet was a brass plate that read, “Treats by Mr. Khan.” Jaxx raised his angry hands in the air and yelled, “KHAN!!”

      Franky thought, “Oh my,
      aren’t we being a bit mellow dramatic.”

      Jaxx sighed and replied, “I didn’t get any ice cream.” As Jaxx listened to

      Franky’s words of comfort he heard a strange noise. Jaxx asked Franky if he could hear it but Franky heard nothing.

      Franky thought, “So what does this mysterious sound resemble even?” Jaxx rubbed his chin as he thought it over and replied, “Well actually it like kinda sounds like a belly dancing elephant in a too too riding a skateboard.

      Franky thought, “A belly dancing elephant in a too too riding a skateboard? Sweety you watch way too much television and I……” Suddenly a belly dancing elephant in a too too riding a skateboard scooted on by.

      Franky watched in silence before he replied, “I am positively dumbfounded at this point.” Jaxx then replied, “Dude I am totally beside myself.”

      Franky was about to respond when he and Jaxx realized Jaxx was sitting next to two new versions of himself. Jaxx looked to the left and saw a nerdy shark boy drooling on himself and then on his right was a scary shark monster drooling as he looked at Jaxx.

      Jaxx asked, “Like who are you dudes?”

      The shark monster replied, “HAHAHA…..I’m your inner beast and that moron is your brain……..and now that we’re free lets have some fun.”

      Jaxx got a bad feeling from what his inner
      beast was saying.

  • Brogan (Mobius64)

    The heavy blackness of the room weighed heavily on Plisken’s shoulders, the thick dark impenetrable with his one good eye. The silence was deafening, the darkness blinding. It breathed down his neck and reaching into his soul.
    He began to run, trying to escape the crushing emptiness of the void. He ran, but only into more darkness. The hunter stalked its prey step for step.
    A shaft of light, beautifully safe, broke from the infinite sky, illuminating an object. Plisken skidded to halt, stopping just short himself. The object, a wood lined mirror, stood there judging him.
    On the silvery sea of glass of the mirror was the reflection. White hair cut short, flicked behind like feathers of a raven. A short beard, white again with age. Worn features and battle scars ravaged his face and a battered leather jacket was heavy with signs of war.
    On a field, on a distant planet on the edge of destruction, the future hung on one decision, one impossible decision. Waves of ash ridden water lapped at the base of the cliff, the cliff itself scorched with embers of a long and bitter conflict.
    Everyone has their greatest fear. Some fear loss. Some fear pain. Some fear the darkness. Some fear the simplest of things. And some people fear the future. And some fear what they will become.
    And so, standing there in the mirror, was him. Different men looking in and the same man looking out. And it terrified him. It attacked right at his core, and every time he let his mind slip to remember that face that he had seen so many years ago, that haunted visage of his future, a flush of panic spread through him like oil on water; covering him, poisoning him.
    That was his fear.

  • Johnny

    All you writer’s out there and only four entries? I was expecting it to be like the Advent Calendar for Halloween, unwrapping one each day. But… Four? I’m expecting 2 more by 6pm, EST.. Haha I gotta try, right?

    • What that means @disqus_VKN5Ca4ENq:disqus is that you’ll have a 1/5 chance of winning. That’s pretty good odds, right?

  • Johnny

    As a fan of horror, the `win’ is reading that piece that truly chills you. It’s hard to do, I know. Still, though… get to work everyone. : )

  • OG member Elrood. The below clocks in at exactly 300 words as per MS Word and is Lovecraft inspired, obviously. Could probably use some editing, but it works I guess.

    The term monster has been used to describe many a person or creature, but that night was something I’ve never imagined in the worst of nightmares that jostle me awake screaming at the top of my lungs. Having to recant the few recollections I have of that awful night for these damnable vagabonds was abhorrent and detestable. If not for my own uncontrolled evils that leave me little choice but to rehash all for anyone willing to furnish my depravity further, I would forgo it all, but alas, I am only human.

    “Aye, ya bastards, pay and come ‘round and hear the tale. Mind you, it not for the weak. This monster thing came out from Devil Reef. I couldn’ tell what it was so I stared and watched. It was female, this much I knew judging by the size of its, uh, well anyway. They were hideous mounds, green, fleshy and oily, slimy even. As it ‘proached the shore and could walk, blast, t’was a fathom tall! I thought it walked on legs but they was something different, had webbed toes, huge claw tips, blasted womenfolk and their nails, they was greyish green, oh, and double-jointed they was, they folded backwards, not front.

    “As it got closer I could finally see its face, w’at a sight that was! Eyes like those of a shark, teeth inches long, big mouth like the biggest largemouth I ever seen in these parts. Scales covered its body from tip to toe, like some blasted fish lizard. I look at the fingers and saw nothin’ but more webbing, blast my eyes for what they seen.

    I ran, ya betcha, I ran. I seen some horrible things here. Innsmouth is not what it once was. Let me tell ya this–leave. While ya still can.”