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2 week Halloween writing challenge – What’s your character afraid of?

Hey roleplayer dudes. After last month’s image competition I wondered if we should also run a monthly (or twice-monthly) writing competition. – Hey that’s something we all enjoy right? Writing!

This idea was partly inspired by seeing writing prompts on Twitter (like #WritingDare), & especially the writing prompts my brother posts on his ScifiIdeas blog.

Write about…

Weed monster

Your character encounters the most terrifying creature imaginable. It’s the creature of their nightmares. Where are they? What happens? How do they feel? 

This might be in the past (like a flashback), or maybe in a dream, or maybe an alternate reality, don’t worry about fittting it into your current RP story or canon (although it’s fine if you want to!).

Prize – Lifetime Hero membership

The prize is the pleasure of winning, and also a lifetime Hero membership (if you don’t have one already).


  • Wordcount – 300 words max
  • To enter, post in the comments below. If it’s not obvious from your Disqus account, can you also include your OngoingWorlds username please so I can get in touch.
  • You must be an OngoingWorlds member (or what will you do with the Hero membership?!)
  • Story must be written in English

Closing date is midnight on Halloween 2014 (31st October).