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Winner of the Halloween story competition

A few weeks ago I set a writing challenge to write a scary short story for Halloween. Entrants were asked to submit on the comments on the original article, so you can see all entries here.

Weed monster Read More


2 week Halloween writing challenge – What’s your character afraid of?

Hey roleplayer dudes. After last month’s image competition I wondered if we should also run a monthly (or twice-monthly) writing competition. – Hey that’s something we all enjoy right? Writing!

This idea was partly inspired by seeing writing prompts on Twitter (like #WritingDare), & especially the writing prompts my brother posts on his ScifiIdeas blog.

Write about…

Weed monster

Your character encounters the most terrifying creature imaginable. It’s the creature of their nightmares. Where are they? What happens? How do they feel?  Read More


Halloween story competition 2011: Winner

PumpkinsWe ran a competition in October where we asked you to send us your scary Halloween stories. The winning entry is a short story called A Dream so Real it leaves Scars by Addriey Jones. Thanks very much to Addriey Jones for entering.

We’ve included her story here for you to read: Read More


Halloween story competition!


Please note this competition has finished. You can see the winning entry here.

After the success of the Flashback week competition in August, we decided it’s time to run another competition!

Halloween is just around the corner, and many roleplaying games take advantage of the event to run a spooky story in their play-by-ghost, er sorry, play-by-post games. Even if this isn’t tradition for your game, you might want to think about writing a short story using the characters in your roleplaying game. Read More