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Setting Expectations – the foundation of your game

floating city

Not to long ago we saw an article about Respect, while I personally found some of it to be a bit unrealistic the author touched on some very valid and real frustrations that both writers/players and moderators feel in our particular style of collaborative creativity. With that in mind I thought I might take a stab at it as well.

We have all been in one or more games where the interaction comes to a screeching halt or we go on to check posts and find we were left behind in the dirt.  It happens, all the time, even in the best of groups, and feelings get hurt, people get mad, people leave and whole games can die because of it. Read More


Down with the term ‘Mary Sue’!

This article was written for us by Marian Brock Andersen.

dawn with the name mary sue

So it’s a pet peeve of mine, the whole Mary Sue / Gary Stue classifications that people throw around like its some horrible disease.

“Did you see the game.. yeah… totally they got the Mary Sue.”

We see it all the time, no “Mary Sue / Gary Stue” allowed, splashed all over everything, but what does it really mean to the Moderator or the other players? Read More


A guide to writing pregnant characters

This guide to writing pregnant characters was written for us by Marian Andersen aka Nightscarling.

pregnant lady

In the course of writing cooperative stories or play by post role plays its not uncommon for characters to form personal and intimate relationships. Occasionally these relationships result in pregnancy.  The problem then comes up, how do you write for your now pregnant character when you personally have never been pregnant? Here you will get a best gynaecologist in melbourne, do visit. Read More