OOC - Setting Discription Openings

This post is for those of you who don't quite understand what the deal is with the opening lines of many of our posts, which look something like:

*Barble's Shop, Radogast. Late Afternoon, 1 DSTR*

Basically, what this is line does is tell the reader where the actions in the post are taking place and when the post is taking place. Due to the lack of a defined calendar, we are using a method of defining time based on how many days have passed since a certain event, in this case, an event in which Kalena and Oruvand raided Jocelynn's Inn in search of Jack Nahema. DSTR stands for Days Since The Raid. An event that happened on the same day as the raid took place would have occured on 0 DSTR, an event that took place 3 days prior to the raid would have occured on -3 DSTR, and an event that took place the day after the raid would have occured on 1 DSTR.

So, in the above mentioned example, that post took place inside Barble the Butcher's shop, in the city of Radogast (which is in Dalen). The events were happening late in the afternoon on the day after the raid.

If anyone has any questions about this system, please ask them in the comments section below.

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