Excitement at the Theater

-Outside of Verden-> Dalen Capital, Grand Theater, Late evening 2 DSTR-
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It had been a half day’s journey towards Verden. Celestia’s feet provided no aching, her legs moved her forward with vigor, and her blood-stained dress clung to her torso and breast. The gentle purl of stones meeting water pulled her attention away from the road, and to the forest. Her bag dangled from her shoulder, its contents clanking with every harsh movement made. Licking her lips, Celestia could taste copper. It was a surprise no one had seen her; the roads seemed suspiciously silent that day.

Coming to a full stop, her golden orbs danced over the cool river that forced its way through the forest. The weather hardly permitted a river bath in the shade, but Celestia knew she needed to clean up before she did run into adversities. Scanning for a safe entrance to the river, she found a low mossy bank. Rushing water overtook her senses as she reached the edge of the bank and plopped down her bag. Blood had hardened around stray strands of red locks, and her fingers groped the leather strands that held the bosom of her dress together. Pulling the strands loose, she peeled off the dress slowly- revealing her pale bare skin to the creatures of the forest. Dropping the dress at her side, she stepped into the deepest part of the river. The water lapped at her skin, rising to her belly button. A shiver went up her spine, and goosebumps forced the hair on the back of her neck to stand. Holding her breath, she lowered the entirety of her being into the river.

The moments from which she was under water, to when she rose, the river pulled the stuck strands of her hair apart. Dirt, that had clung to her feet for days, released its grasp on her with ease. Poking her head out of the water, she took in a fresh breath of air, and allowed her chin to rest on the surface of the river. Looking down stream, she could see a pink tinged trail of her previous outburst. Standing up fully, beads of water rolled off her shoulders and over the peaks of her breasts. Her hair, which was once seen as a vibrant red, stuck stiffly slicked back. Grabbing her filth covered dress off the bank, she began to pull it into the water to cleanse the fabrics of her sins.

Celestia was in the midst of scrubbing the fabric together, when she received a tinge of pain in her chest. Coughing to release the tightness that has ensued, she breathed in a sharp, shallow breath as the pain grew in strength. Realizing it was her soul being pulled at in all different directions, her eyes widened and she stiffened. Just as quickly as the feeling had begun to fill her with terror, it ceased. A turning in her stomach, with a slight tinge of butterflies, accompanied Him as he bubbled up from the depths of her thoughts. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Clinging to the dress at her chest, she squinted down into the river in confusion.

The necromancer is back, and we didn’t play a part in his return?

“Don’t you always play a part?”

Of course I do, but it is you I have a deal with.

“And? I will fulfill my part of the bargain. I always do. In fact, if I remember correctly, I have paid my debt for this month in advance last month. The woman who ran the orphanage and the eldest child.”

The deal is on my terms, not yours. In which, I am including a new clause. I want you to convince someone else, innocent or not does not matter, to play a role in the death, or the corruption, of an innocent.

Celestia raised a brow and looked up at the bag that slumped sadly on the bank. Pausing for a moment, she pursed her lips and shrugged. Approving thoughts send vibrations of agreement towards Him. There is a fire behind the back alley of a dress shop in Dalen. Elegant gowns are in the locked wardrobe in the back of the shop. Go to the Grand Theater.

Irritation bubbled in her chest at the thought of back tracking. Looking down at the dress, she was pleasantly surprised that a vast majority of the blood stains had disappeared. There were small splatters on the wrists of her sleeves, but those could easily be ignored. Walking out onto the bank, she slapped the dress flat onto a large boulder. Picking up her bag, she scanned the area for a place to hide her belongings until she returned. It would be impossible for her to travel through the flames with any of her belongings, so she had to trust them to the security of the forest. The vile of her own blood that made up some of the contents would ensure her ability to find it later. Crouching down behind the boulder and a tree, she found a snake’s nest burrowed into a stack of leaves and sticks. Hearing the hiss from her companion, she smiled and rested eyes on the beauty. It wasn’t poisonous by any means, but clearly had a superiority complex to abide by.

Uncovering the leaves and sticks, she placed the bag behind the tightly coiled snake, and recovered the two together. Standing up, she returned to her dress, in which she tightly rolled it up and placed it at the base of the boulder. The likelihood, or in which she was hoping was slim to none, that an individual would come across her belongs seemed in her favor. Walking away from the river, completely bare to nature’s eye, she began to search for a decent stack of wood. It didn’t take much traveling to find a tree that had fallen nearby. The thick trunk would provide a large enough flame to engulf her body.

“Ignis,” she purred downwards on the dead wood. A spark ignited from the flakes of bark that remained, and it didn’t take long before the flames became full, beautiful, and destructive. As the flames spread slowly over the tree, she crawled onto the trunk of the tree, and sat crossing her legs. The heat from the flames pulled at her flesh, begging to burn her, but only provided pleasure which could be described as pure ecstasy. The droplets that remained on her skin slowly dried up, which tickled. Closing her eyes, she sat up straight and thought of the neighboring fire that would bring her to the destination she most desired.

A high pitched scream brought her to open her eyes. Landing them on a homeless woman, she looked down at the flames that had completely defused upon her arrival. The homeless woman rose to stand in an agitated state, but Celestia met her with equal speed, and superior strength. Her left hand rested palm up on her chin, and her right hand on the back of the woman’s head. Jerking her left hand upwards, and her right hand downwards, the woman’s neck snapped with ease. The thud of dead weight and of weightless cloth forced Celestia to look down the alley both ways- searching for any onlookers. It was late afternoon, and the shadows of the dying sun cast down playful outlines on the cobbled stone alley floor. Grabbing the cloak off the woman, she wrapped it around her naked body, and tied the ratted string at her neck. Pulling the opening closed, she jogged to the front of the shop which was closed. Soft mumblings of people passing by muddled her focus slightly. A few glanced at her with confusion, and others turned their children away as if they knew what she was.

“Patentibus,” she whispered against the wooden barrier. The gentle turning of a metal lock allowed entry without resistance. Closing the door behind her, she untied the cloak and let the fabric drop at her feet. The cool air felt delightful on her skin, and the possibility of someone looking in and seeing her played on the eroticism of roaming naked. Going behind the counter, she let her fingers glide over any fabric that laid out. It was clearly a shop that the wives of knights would take a gander in. No one of great importance would shop there, as they would have their dresses ordered and sent to them directly. Whistling as she made her way behind a hanging cloth door, she found the locked wardrobe. Cocking her hip, she twirled a red wave around her finger and smiled at the wardrobe. Her fingers traced the grooves of the wood, swirling the tip of her index finger around the lock. “Patentibus,” she said as she bit her lip.

What the wardrobe revealed was a small variety of gowns dedicated to high fashion. Many of them were gaudy, with bright colors that begged for attention. She flicked the dresses with agitation as she roamed through slowly. It wasn’t until she saw a black dress that she was filled with delight. Pulling the dress from the delicate hanger, eyeing the weightless fabric.

-Entering the Theater-

It was common that nobles, at least noble women born of pure bloodlines, were allowed to wear dresses that appealed to the sexuality of men and women alike. At least, in Dalen. Some old hags might find it daring, but Celestia found it invigorating. The black dress must have been for someone who was planning to be the center of an elegant masquerade, or of a couples retreat where they would meet for heavy drinking and fulfill unspoken desires.

The play had already begun, but that much didn’t matter to her. She left two ticket masters dead in her wake, and her adrenaline pushed a healthy blush up her chest and around her neck. The black gown had long, black, embroidered mesh sleeves. The shoulder of the sleeves stopped at the edge of her shoulders, showing more than enough flesh around the neck and collarbone. The cleavage of her black, silk, dress came up just above her breasts, revealing very little direct cleavage, but pushed down on her chest, making the tops of her breasts seem shapelier in the shadows. The torso of her gown clung to her thin waist and the gentle curves of her hips. The embroidered mesh layered on top of the black silk dress, outlining ever shape of her body along with the silk. A slit on the left side of the dress came all the way up to just above her mid-thigh, and her red locks were pulled back in a delicate bun held together by black ribbon. Her shoes were only one and a half inch tall, and the fabric that clung to the heel covered the entire front of her foot. Said fabric also belonged to a thicker mesh family.

Looking down onto the crowd, and around the area where she could see the individuals that lined the box seats, she scanned for someone to stand out. It wasn’t until she rested her eyes on a couple who were finely dressed, their attention only half belonging to the play, did her interest peak. Smirking to herself, she made her way around the back hall. The gentle whispers and awes of the guests allowed her to feel their excitement empathetically. Stopping behind the thick red curtain of one of the box seats, she could feel a strange pull to join whomever was behind the curtain.

Pulling on the side gently, she entered the box seat to find the very couple that had caught her eye. Scanning the seven seats, along with the food and wine, she made a definitive decision on her path. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she lowered herself into the seat next to the tall, slender, blonde male. Sniffing the air, she could smell the blood of a half elf as she took a sip of her wine, which only heightened her senses.

Relaxing into the seat, she turned her head towards the two and for a moment paused. She had never seen another individual with golden eyes like her own. Her interest in the woman grew with ever millisecond that passed. Taking in a breath, she smirked flirtatiously, and cocked her head.

“Hello, I am Circe,” she said softly towards the woman. Her voice kissing the air like daises in a wild field. The stem of the wine glass rested between her index finger and her middle finger, allowing the bowl of the wine glass to rest in her palm. “And who might you be?”

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