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Summary: Aspiring novelist and roleplaying enthusiast.


Gender: Female

Age: 1 year on OGW

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

Fantasy and Romance

Writing Style Comments

I write mostly in third person omnipotent in my own writing, but third person limited in roleplay. I enjoy writing descriptive posts that contain many thoughts and inner feelings of my characters.

Participation Motivation

I love to write, and collaborative writing is such an interesting concept that allows for a certain sense of mystery, as you can never quite predict what the other characters may do.

OW Comments/Concerns

I do notice that oft people look for something simple with multiple story arcs, rather than a collaborative narrative, which puts some of us big picture creators in a tough spot when no one applies to join our games, but I am certain it may just be a niche field of writing, and that eventually, those who share my views will come across my games.

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