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Summary: I am a writer seeking to improve themselves and have fun.


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Gender: Both

Age: 3 years

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

Sci fi and fantasy are my top, but have joined other games.

Writing Style Comments

I want to write a variaty of characters and try to think about things from my characters points of view when writing.

I want to be understanding of misspellings as I know not everyone has english as their first language and some of us struggle spelling well.

Participation Motivation

I have wanted to write my own book since I was in middle school and this platform helps me become a better writer. I also think that my love for choose your own adventure games and video games makes this site desirable as well.

OW Comments/Concerns

The only downside is when I or other players get too busy to post or storylines get forgotten.

If I am in a game with you feel free to email me.

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