The Future of Fantasy on OW

Hey guys, before I begin talking, I want to get something out.

I truly wish I could have been active these past few months, but life has been rough, and I have had many challenges that have prevented me from being a greater part of our community. So I apologize, and to all of you that I let down, I'm sorry. I am ashamed that I had to close down a game that I had big plans for, and that NML has gone cold. So sorry for falling behind.

Now that I got that off my chest, I want to talk about what can happen here on OW.

I have seen many different games in the past few months, and even though I haven't been a part of most of them, I do notice a trend. Ever since the decline of Two Kingdoms, there hasn't been an successful original fantasy since. Even The Scale; although it ended up closing; was something that could have filled the niche. I notice that since then, very few games have been derived to a fantasy focus. So I want to give someone some inspiration. I think we need a new, classic high fantasy game in this era. No alternate universes, or nothing copied from other movies and novels. Something original, in a new world, and with a new theme. I myself would consider making this game, but my lack of activity would be a burden. So I pitch this to you, if anyone wants to resurrect fantasy, I will support. This is all I have to say, I hope someone considers it.

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